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Two Faces lyrics - Rainbirds lyrics

Two Face (El Mirage Desert Version) lyrics

i stand between the left and the right.
between two faces, day and night.
back there I see the ancient past.
and here it is, it seems to last.
people never learn to see.
the things that are, and that will be.
attach the word to the image in the brain
and watch as life goes down the drain.

how can two faces have one mouth when there are two music

Ha! Ha! Houdini's Laughing lyrics

I used to live close by the river
I used to let my heart go with the stream
I knew I held the key to any door
I held the key to everything and more
Once upon a time I took it easy
Once upon a time I took it rough
I used to earn my living with the things I loved
Now they pay me for what I love not
The river's running backwards
And my heart is quickly closing now

The World Is Growing Old lyrics

All shout when the music is loud
When the music is low they all wanna go
All scream when the music is fast
When the music is slow they really don't know
If my faces are pretty I've got an excuse
If I know what I want I've got something to loose
Well, the money's good
But I'm not amused
UUHWEE, the world is growing old

All dance when I bang the right drum

Real lyrics

In the desert, in a distance
Is a woman who prays
She is finished with the image
She has changed her face
Bows her head down to the ground
She is waiting, weary
bows her head down to the ground
And then she disappears

This is not about the word
There are many words
This is just about- real
When there are many things to one

I don't think I've ever learned this

Head Over Heals lyrics

Like a dream come true.
How time uncovers without haste
Veil upon veil upon veil
Until the love shines thru
Spin this tender net around you
Around me.
Keeping it out, the world that bound you
Bound me
Head over heels in love with you
There is no more to say no more to do
I wanna look in your eyes and travel this dream
I wanna wake up now, wake up and scream

Big Fat Cat lyrics

Slowly-catlike-like a big fat cat
Walking, she's waltzing
In and out of this life
Your last life before your daddy died
She was mysterious and pretty
But now, she's got a smell of her own
And many different faces
Her taste is somewhat bitter
And if you follow her traces
It gets so confusing...
You confuse me, you confuse me
Oooh, daddy kept showing me

Invisible lyrics

You look up to yout Jesus,
he seems so far away
Your whole world is changing from coloured into grey
It's sad how you come crawling out of this romance
But aside of your Jesus
I just couldn't stand a chance
No chance!
No way!

Oh, but i surely miss it sometimes
(sometimes I miss it, oh).
As now I walk the crookes lines
(I like to walk the crooked lines)

Mystery Train lyrics

Once I dreamed I lost my shoes
Then I found I'd lost my feet
Once I thought I lost my sight
Then I found I lost my vision
Once I felt I lost my soul
There I wished I'd loose my mind
I threw a coin for St. Antoine
He said: put your money in the bank
It never helped anyone
Taking a ride on this mystery train
Taking a trip to my heart is all in vain.
Don't throw a coin

Woman With The Golden Eye lyrics

Here's a movie slowly moving
There is music in the distance
I hear nothing but the past
Like a fist I'm slowly closing
As I dance and fall like rain
It's coming down in black and white
It's coming down as somthing else
Something that nobody claims

Woman with the golden eye
Can see futher then the sky
Woman with the golden eye
Can see futher then the sky

Things Change lyrics

Read it in the papers
Read it in the books
Find it in the mail-box
between the lines and hooks
The games we play
And hope to win
Things change
Step into the hallway
Step out into the street
Hang out at those places
Were all the people meet
The avant-garde
And right from the start
Things change
I used to be a Marylin
Like so many others


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