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Making Memory lyrics - Rainbirds lyrics

Absolutely Free lyrics

lonely as a cloud
i am dangling my feet
and the view from up here is
absolutely breathtaking

lonely as a cloud
i am dangling my soul
let my shadow do the thinking
while she walks the watervein
absolutely free
only as a cloud
i am not afraid to fall
and i don't recall to ever
have had any fears at all, i'm
absolutely free
these things don't usually happen upon me
absolutely free

In A Long Time lyrics

enjoy yourself
like a man
enjoy yourself
like a boy
just like a woman can
in the sun
-sun is the word-
like the bow of a boat
in the water where you float
all the wet
all the foam where you lay
like a slow damp day in the heat
be a cat in the shade of a tree
or a leaf in the wind
you are free
you are safe
as you stride
and you stroll
you are in control
and still

Education Of The Soul lyrics

people in dreams
are often name-
but seldom faceless
people in dreams
hear planes come in
here they come now
people in dreams
are at many common places
he don't know
and she don't know
they only work there
people in dreams
wake at all times by my bedside
people in dreams
never wonder why
no no no no no
he don't think
and she don't think
make me say
some dreadful things

High lyrics

look at these
dry leaves
and crumbling blossoms
old beat books
stripped of the cover
i feel delighted
suddenly singing
with a voice
that is coming
from out of the blue
dark points in time
follow after
shy not shallow
high not hollow
a slightly off-beat
pounding heart

because it's
all over
i need not to take cover
nothing can break besides my soul - yeah

Johnny Guitar lyrics

i open up my eyes to the morning-sun
i open up my soul for the things to come
but what was there to come but you
swiftly sneaking in
i hate you
you've been spitting out your vile
with a wicked smile
after holding out your hands
with an intimidated glance
you better stay away from me
or else I push your ugly face in

you tell me
this life that you're living is not yours

Never Gone lyrics

just once
and never forget
just one i love you
no more to be said
just one i touch you
with my smile
just one i want you
no denial

just one be strong
just one live long
on fast
going on
never gone
never gone

to me
just once this time
this one i love you
for all that i know
there it is
and it will always be here
it is here
and it will always be there

Nothing Cancels Love lyrics

i know
nothing cancels love
i know
nothing cancels love
but nothing's worse
than waiting
day after day
yet i know
nothing cancels love
i like to shoot an arrow
right into your heart
and i don't know why this is
it is always coming back
i keep sending you letters
with priority
and i don't know why this is
they are always coming back
don't let me down

i know

Memories lyrics

i know
i can not leave this place
full of memories
things like
the way they knew us
all over town
we used
to walk the streets together
we could be seen
pass shops where people knew us
yeah, people knew
i got
to choose between tomorrow
and yesterday
i can't stop to think about
my life here today
i'll find someone to get you
off my mind
take me away from here
and leave it

With A Smile lyrics

this is a tired old world i want
news from elsewhere
good news
bad news
on picture-postcards
this is a blind spot
this is an empty lot
i need a radio
i need a hilltop
i want my news from elsewhere

it is a mighty long way from
here to elsewhere
wish i had a
wish i was a contender
but you are never standing
by the roadside

I Am Cold And I Am Not lyrics

i am cold
i am true
always know
what to do
there is nothing
in my life
to distract me
i am cold
i am true
i believe
in what i do
neath your lies
i can see
a lot of practice
when you get tired
of your acting
i can show you
you don't know
how to pretent
to have nothing
left to lose
you have nothing
left to offer
but your own
exquisite self
i want you now
i am cold

Give Me A Kiss lyrics

all there is
the next thing that happens
she smiles to herself
'bout her loves and detachments
one this way
at that end
one that way
iÂll need so much more
time to spend in a hurry
i need many more things to touch
to devour
i want to be selfish like you
in the morning
i want to be free from the weeping
the sorrow
believe it or not
i feel like a god


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