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In A Different Light lyrics - Rainbirds lyrics

Sleep With Snakes lyrics

this is the story of a reoccuring dream
some other images cut inbetween
endlessly seeking for identitiy
of what there is and what there seems to be
do i am just what i recall
do i own waht belongs to all
a sunken ship that carries jewelry and gold
i'd love to get it but the water is much to cold

i'm going down through a poke in my vein
i'm moving up to where i'm going insane

Pebbles In My Hand lyrics

here and there and everywhere i go
i stand on my two feet
on my two hands i walk away
now and then and almost every time
i wake up walking in my sleep
i feel the need to walk away
once upon a time it was
when everything was real there was
nobody who would want to walk away
but today we know so much
that we don't really know just what
is true or false or should we go or stay

Pride lyrics

shake your dream
like an apple off the tree
bed it in the grass

lay so still
like you never ever will
tip the hourglass

a way so bold
how time extends and hearts unfold
curious at last

true this is a part of me
a part you're not supposed to see
so come away come away

just one step
into another scenery
out in a different world

don't look back
and don't you even look at me

Devils Dance lyrics

the girl would lay awake all night
until she finds that she just might
flip the coin so to decide
which way she was to turn
dead and gone and free from sin
free from sin and dead and gone
or up and go and here to stay
with nowhere to remain

i come a long way come a long way
come a long way just to say
that this heart of mine is torn
and it is bleeding

Ain't It Strange lyrics

down in vineland
there's a clubhouse
girl in white dress
boy shoots white stuff
don't you know
that anyone can join
and they come and call
and they fall on the floor
don't you see
when you're looking at me
that i never end
transcend transcend
ain't it strange
ain't it strange
come and join me
i implore thee
i impure thee
come explore me
don't you know

Pessoa 1934 lyrics

bem sei que estou endoidecendo
bem sei que falha em mim quem sou
sim, mas enquanto me nao rendo
quero saber por onde vou

inda que v?
para render- me
ao que o destino me faz ser
quero um momento aqui deter - me
e descansar ?conhecer

ha grandes lapsos de memÃÂïia
grandes paralelas perdidas
e muita lenda muita histÃÂïia
muitas vidas muitas vidas

A Waltz For Jane lyrics

there's a big house on the mountain
and a garden with a tree
there's a husband and some children
but they don't belong to me
there's a dirtroad to the valley
where the horses can run free
and a mustang and a driver who can take us to the sea

there's a big heat on my balcony
and i feel lonely as can be
so i walk down to the market
shady place
through a crack upon the ceiling

Rock'n'roll lyrics

i was born in the desert on the day of the dead
ever since then it's been tears blood and sweat
i am a handsome young woman now, with a long way to go
and if i can not be fast, wll then i'll have to be slow
and i must not be sad, but happy and gay
well, that's what the boss and everybody say
i must not be troubled by the doings and the done

In Heaven lyrics

in heaven everything is finein heaven everything is finein heaven everything is fineyou got your good thingsand i got mine

Someone Sometime lyrics

unforgettable - nothing is
which may be a curse or may be a bliss
one or the other something it'll be
someone sometime may look like me

love is something
love can pass
on to another someone (who) has
had a much stronger will to hold
on to a something that grows cold
unforgettable - nothing is
which may be a curse or may be a bliss
one or the other something it'll be

Todos Contentos Y Yo Tambien lyrics

sitting on top of a tree
looking down on me - too blue
to be looking up to a dream of yours
a painting of a room with a million doors
the memory of a key in a sea of time
the keeper of the tree is no friend of mine
falling down
i'm falling down

sitting on top of the world
looking down on you - too blue
to be looking up to a dream of mine
a painting of a shoe like a porcupine

Jamais Jamais lyrics

du coeur ?la tÃËÂe
cÃâ£t une trÃ⣠longue route
et je vais sans doute
un jour y aller
dans une petite pochette
mes affaires de toilette
et si tu me laisse
j'y vais toujours rester
car mon coeur il pardonne
mais il peut pas oublier
et ma tÃËÂe elle oublie
mais sait jamais pardonner

entre l'amour et la haine


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