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Raging Speedhorn lyrics - Raging Speedhorn lyrics

Death Row Dogs lyrics

I realise you're not the only fuck
I fear all I am pain
This angel seen as devil
Such pain must be desired
Before time
This is the hand that pushes you under
This is the hand that keeps you there
While most of them are fucking you over
I'm dreaming of watching you drown

You're just a sacramental item
You kinda wanna fight them
Straight through me like a rake

Dungeon Whippet lyrics

Death only through the eyes of your mind
Watching no one
Slowly turning around
This is no one clear
Distant hearing
Death only because I'm wrong
Fucking whore


Kill the insane (x2)

You always let me fall astray
So love will fear all
How many lies will you tell today
Distant vision
Your lonely eyes were so thoughtful then
Lethal hearing

High Whore lyrics

Such power in concrete tone
Such violence but I already know
I wouldn't tell you, you gotta let it go
I wouldn't show you, you really wanna know
You're so tricky, you've got to let it go
You're so pretty, you've got to let it show
Fuck this - I want my own show
I cry just to let them know

So why'd you have to pretend
To what's going on
Reap more havoc from our future

Knives And Faces lyrics

Your sore eyes

Dragging me down

Before my eyes

Fuck this dream
It's not reality


Knives cut through fist and faces

Only one victim next to you

Knives cut through fists and faces

Only one victim next to you

Difference build

From stick and bone

Lick the blade

Let blood surround


Take me

To another place

Falling motionless

In Voids

Mandan lyrics

One last chance and you will see
You're will belong
No one cares enough for me
You're in my eyes
Distance built between you and me
Never again
One last chance and you will see
You always lie
I can't cry and deny
Don't fuckin' lie to me
You will laugh and I will die
You're always fuckin' fake
No one cares, it's you or me
Never again with you
It's all fucked and you can see

Necrophiliac Glue Sniffer lyrics

Broken fingers are justice
Taking baby for rides
You left me so lonely
That's why Im standing here
Ripping my insides out

You see me running and you feel hatred
This is the feeling I get every day
You throw the petrol and the matchstick
You stupid fuck you forgot to light it

I see you hiding in the shadow
With all the fear and twisted pain

Random Acts Of Violence lyrics

Falling under
You feel no pain
Seeing black
You know the hate
Losing grace
But no one cries
Venomous trap
This pain of mine

Deprived devotion
You feel no pain
Spine in fits
You know the hate
Taking shape
But no one cries
No escape
This pain of mine

Feel emotion
Is this your potion?
Destroying everyone's motion - and you
See your own fears
See your own truth

Redweed lyrics

Your destruction
You decide
Your misadventure
Spit at my lies
You don't have to fall down
You don't want to fall
You don't have to cry now
You don't want to cry

You're just a fuckin' lowlife
Your life's a fuckin' lie
You live in your mind
Screaming inside
Screaming is fucking blind

Your destruction
You decide
Your misadventures
Spit at my lies

You don't want to cry now

Superscud lyrics

Now I can see the thunder
You disrespect my blunder
We slide into another
And fake like we are brothers
Your fire
Deny it
You're so sick
For power

I've seen the hate that you bring
I've been the fate that you sing
You're my disgrace
You're my insane
You're the blood
That burns in my head

Now I can see the thunder
You disrespect my blunder
We slide into another

Thumper lyrics

Destruction begins again
Our lives are changed a little more
I'd like to see you but I'd like to pretend
That I loved you it had to end
You destroyed your life a little more
So the pain you just turned to bore
I'm sick of you in me
Get the fuck right out of my life

Don't want you fucking with my head
I'll take you out
Don't want to fuck with my head
I'll take you out


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