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Storyteller lyrics - Raghav lyrics

Chodh Diya (The Ultimate Sacrifice) lyrics

Athe mujhko

Mera dil aur chain gaya
Oh mere dilbar jani
Tuj par sab kurbaan sanam
Yeh jane duniya saree

Rok sake tau rok koyee
Jab hamne man mai thanee
Tan se chaya na choote
Jane duniya matwali

Maine chodh diya
Maine chodh diya gharbar apna aur tujse nata jodha
Maine chodh diya gharbar apna aur tujse nata jodha

Madhosh kiya teri nazar ne
Mujhko mujhse chooraiya

Can't Get Enough lyrics

Kabhi aar kabhi paar laaga teer nazar
Sayan ghayal kiya reh tune mora jigar
Kabhi aar kabhi paar laaga teer nazar
Sayan ghayal kiya reh tune mora jigar
[Verse 1]
Stand by here we go again
Jus you let me wait let me know again
Ain't nobody special girl I'm jus a friend
I bet you cant recall my name
I think about you everyday
24/7 girl in every way

Sooner Or Later lyrics

(feat. Kardinal Offishall)

[Kardinal Offishall Intro]
Donït know sooner or later
Everything is greater you know
Kardinal Offishall aka celebrity face is on the place
Se that own that see me black chase is the chain stupid

Yeah Lisa likes my ride and all
Then thereïs
Sheri who Iïd fly across
Just to
Get away from Cindy-Ross
We would meet up in Jamaica

Ain't Nobody lyrics

No more waiting anticipating
Now she's coming round my way
If she could only see within me
All the words I wanna say
Guess I've never been a king
At these games we have to play
I'm still searching for something
That would make you wanna stay
I can be what you want
Bring what you need
Can't you see what we got
'Cause there ain't nobody
Who can be what you want

Angel Eyes lyrics

(feat. Jucxi & Frankey Maxx)

Ho... Oh...

[Jucxi & Frankey Maxx Intro]

There's no one above it
We all need some loving
Some kissing and hugging
Like yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
You can't live without it
Yeah I used to doubt it
But now that I've found it
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

'Cause my baby's got
Angel eyes
Yeah my baby's got
Angel eyes

Another Bad Goodbye lyrics

Too many miles away
But youïre never here to stay
And I just canït seem to get you out of my mind
I could lie here awake
24 hours a day
But somehow I know I wonït find enough time
Oh no

Now I see how true love can be
And it makes me feel so happy I could cry
But knowing me thereïs a tendency
To hold you back to save me from your eyes

Baby I'm Amazed lyrics

Keep it on the low
Baby when youïre day is over
No one needs to know
How youïre getting what you need

She donït know it
But I saw it minute she walked through that door
Trying so hard not to show it no
But I feel every night when she gets home yeahï

See baby Iïm amazed by you
How could you try it play it cool for so long

Bad Bad Bad lyrics

From the moment I saw her she had to be mine
There's just something about her so awesomely right
She's not decked out in Prada
Or drippin' in ice
She's got natural beauty and sensuous eyes
So baby don't walk away
Gimme just one chance to step up and win your love
Baby just talk to me
Gimme just one chance to step up and win your love

C'mon lyrics

Sometimes I think I need a place to get away or runaway to
Everybody keeps on stressing at me everyday
I don't know what to do
I've spent my life searching for peace of mind
But nothing ever slows down
So baby sometimes I just close my eyes
And pray that you were around

Baby c'mon, c'mon
'Cause my heaven on earth
Is in your eyes
Baby c'mon, c'mon
Say you want a better life

Let's Work It Out lyrics

(feat. Jahaziel)

Oh lai kai pehla pehla pyar
Bhar kai ankhon mai khumar
Jaadu nagri pai aaya
Hai koi jadugar
Oh...Oh... yeah, yeah

So yet another day
Another fight
You break down and cry
And you swear that it's over
It seems you've pack your bags like every night
Girl I know inside
We could be so much more

But everytime the smallest thing goes wrong girl
You're out the door

No I lyrics

Girl you look so mesmerizing
You got me fantasizing
Your man's lost but you don't wanna find him
He's played you like a fool
Oh yeah I know you see me smiling
Maybe we shouldn't but we vibin'
Do you think that he would mind if
I took you for a dance or two

I've waited long enough
So please make up your mind
Because we're wasting precious time

I'm not gonna treat you like

No No lyrics

No need to say a word
Yeah girl it's so clear
Ooh I can read through those tears
That man just stole you from me
So what you're 'bout to say is my biggest fear
Last thing I needed to hear is
That you no longer love me
So today before you do what you've got to do
Can I make one last request of you
I need just one more night without the truth
So please say...

No no, no no

So Confused lyrics

Oh baby...

Well I know we just met yesterday
But things feel oh so right
'Cause you always know just what to say
Or what is on my mind
Well I feel I'll need a special way to ask you to be mine
But I don't know when's the perfect day
What's the perfect time

Babe you leave me confused
Don't know if I should let you know
Or wait it out girl
Wish I knew just what to do

Teri Baaton (Your Words) lyrics

[Bonus track]

Ho... Oh...

O teri ankhon mai
Ikraar ki baaton mai
Bhigee, bhigee raaton mai mujhko hai kho jana

Nazron mai basake
Palkon mai sajake
Mehkee, mehkee saason se dil mai hai basana

Teri baaton mai aisa uljha jiya
Bethe he bethe maine dil kho diya
Teri baaton mai aisa uljha jiya
Bethe he bethe maine dil kho diya

Payal ki rumjhum mai
Geeton ki gungun mai

Weakness lyrics

Girl you know my weakness
Girl you know my weakness
Girl you know my weakness
I can never say no to you
Whenever you're not around
Things seem quite alright
Everything is going fine
Till your back in my life
You've done it to me again baby
You got my body soul and mind
But there ain't no stopping now
You got me working overtime

Let me lay you down again, down again

Winter In My Mind lyrics

Remember how
The way we were
The way we used to be
So hot to trot
I thought we could not stop
We would rock constantly baby
I know the clothes you wear
And every car you drive
All the people in your life
That whole vibe baby
But where I lost my way
I shoulda spent the time
With your soul and in your mind getting it right baby

And I wish that I had known this before


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