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Singles lyrics - Radical Noise lyrics

Fade Away lyrics

These are the days which everyone hates
All people are looking for some fun to relax
So what do you really want me to say
This song is not about love or hate

Do you really want to join us now
There's no invitation, it's a pattern of life
We don't have any "wanna be's" on our side
Every Mr. Knowltall is already gone hah

No prejudice, no diggin' views, no more silence, here's the news

Color Of Hate lyrics

Once they've fought against it, now they serve it hot for you
The game; divide and conquer, that's the fuckin' rule and the order of the landlords is proudly approved.
Today the age of civilisation; "keep the stranger out", this is a bio-ethnic opposition based on racist trap.
I see it everyday "the ethics of dismay".
It's the mutual existence of hatred breeds our way

Bazen lyrics

Sabahin sesi kulaklöarimda
Biri pencereyi acmis yine, eksi yorgun bir tat agzimda
Sehir gri kefeninde sakin, davetsiz misafirlerle tedirgin
Güne kararsiz, yolum uzun

Hani olur ya bazen; kacarsin herseyden...
Hani olur ya bazen; sarki biter aniden...

Iste böyle günlerde, hep uyumak istediginde
Tam da böyle günlerde; umudu büyüt icinde...


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