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The Rest Of Our Lives Is Tonight lyrics - Race the Sun lyrics

Weak Would Be Me Flinching lyrics

day dreaming as i take this routine stroll
leap over sidewalks
skipping stones to ripple this still reservoir
i've been mislead
i've hindered someone who struggles to throw that far
a chance they could fall in
drown to never be found
their only fear
we're going to take this one
sorry, didn't see you lying there
kicking and screaming
just trying to keep my balance

Vanity Score lyrics

perfection, we cannot live as prophets
we cannot sleep tonight
given life's breath everyday's a privilege
nipping at our heels attempting to lead us off these cliffs
heartache navigate
we're taking the long way home
chalkline's traced but i haven't hit the ground just yet
looking up, they formed a circle/it starts to pour
this ledge is slippery when wet
i've got my best shoes on

To Icarus With All Sincerity lyrics

someone tell me why would an angel pull the feathers from her wings
pluck the feathers from her wings
did she soar too high
lost all control
when altitude she strives more
it's passing youth she's dying for
she'd sever every helping hand
says i'm too strong to take this threat
i've buried myself in past failures
never again my angel
never again will wounds be left opened

Solo Tonight lyrics

the air is bruised with ghostly fumes of condensed smoke
but in my interpretation the world's not moved she sleeps tonight
the harvest breeze will refrain her lullaby
i walk solo tonight
witnessing this moving painting
still i'm the only soul moving
the only distracted child
still i'd rather be the one last sleeping
the one to hear her sigh the trash cans are still on the curb

Paperweights And Coffee Stains lyrics

my wallet
it's only getting lighter
i'll keep it folded for now it's a paper weight
and i'd love to say it's easier to move, to breathe, to walk
so much weight has been lifted though armor holds its value
and I'm always awaiting my cue
I'm always forgetting lines
say dreams destroy us briefly scream like the frustrated
they hide behind the desks and they're being held captive

My Heart, The Compass (Points West) lyrics

through this side scroll
i glare out the window to find that the only entity keeping up is Venus
the clock tower approaches soon
this seat belt tightens like ivy strangles wire fences
farewell pleasant town
hope you sleep well tonight
again we'll race back to you
fight to get lost in your streets
cheat toll booths as locals
engrave our names in park benches
we'll find an alias

I Hear The Book Was Better lyrics

i hope right now you're drowning in your tears
and your lungs will burst more than ever
flooding your room
there's no way out this time
you're better off reaching for the stars
to think that i was held at gunpoint
your empty chamber
your hand shakes
your threat to trigger
this moments lapsed
i hope right now you're choking on your tongue
you'll swallow your lies all together

Dreams V. Me lyrics

we chose this path and we tread
new steps a new route
vowing to hike the hills and dull the edges
tips blistered and calloused
even though we fuel our dream
eyes strained new shades of red
we thought we could
we'll plant our feet into the ground to never be washed away
so don't back down just yet
or blow this flame out
we'll tend to these scars with art carved in our arms

Can't Wait lyrics

the door is closed
the lock is latched and i'm the first to have my
fingers under this one
could anyone see them?
i got both hands on the knob
pulling as hard as i can
please don't move me
so i pull my collar high
too slow to move any pace i try
could April come any sooner?
I'm packed and I'm pacing around
can't wait for tomorrow
I'm marking out the
days coming up

As Wings Develop lyrics

i know your hands
i know your hands were designed to do more than right now
you're just scratching the scabs off your knuckles
only your dreams play an excuse to ignore
only your dreams play an excuse to ignore
and i squint from the other side
you've built your bridge across these depths
so solid
somewhat perfect
you scraped your knees yet you dusted off your palms

460 To Nowhere lyrics

my heart plays a metronome
and my mind is trying to keep tempo
though my hands are on the wheel, my feet stomp down
and the gas burns faster through every yellow light
and i wonder if i went even faster than this speed,
would my mind just stretch to the point where the pressure wrinkles my face
either way i go, i will still gain a year
never would i had thought i'd write so deep


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