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Singles lyrics - Race the Sun lyrics

The Ceiling Fan Serenade lyrics

give it to me straight, doc
symptoms show me something i've had before
that i could never name to cure
tell me there's some kind of human error
cuz there's no sign of her
only in slumber
when it's time just pull the plug
only when it's time just pull the plug

i am a mess
a poor example of the flawless
passed out on the floor tonight
find me here
never there

Hearse On Parade lyrics

the more borders we cross
the shorter life seems
you start to care more about your health
start questioning
and i am cursed like Kane to wonder these lands
to travel alone in no hopes to settle in

this time it's fair to say...

so long, farewell
all the doormats are flipped over
all my welcomes have been worn out
farewell, goodnight
walk me out and kiss me while i'm still healthy

Before You Leave lyrics

you're finding proof i was right there where you are
asking me to name all the landmarks
disconnected, distracted by the carnivals and theme parks
now the highway surrounds you
fades in the read view
Cali skies watch over
there's more than one way to do this
from an arial view, the world's set a blaze
streetlights fuse together

this time it's your turn to send out

Napoleon lyrics

It's your game
you have managed to grab everyone's attention
the spotlight scorching your flesh
caught between the pedestal and ceiling
I can't just stand there to watch it as it raises
soon it will crush you entirely
and you know I would pull every arm and leg
from socket of my own to just reach you
and with all my force and weight I'd tip you over

Aquisces lyrics

You poke too hard. there you would murmer.
not audible enough...a tremor undetected
I guess I did tap your shoulder too hard
now I've pushed out off shore, vanishing off screen

parallel, we live so parallel
lines that eventually touch
parallel. we're blind and parallel
could I prove these lines could collide
My dear, did I cast you off?
Distress signals fade away. lost by an echo


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