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Singles lyrics - Quantum Jump lyrics

Tryin lyrics

totally timeless
our love seemed to be
something universal something in lifes keep
springing from within the heart
but knowing it takes time

but I cant have a feeling
that is only me whos walking a mile
feels like Ive been tryin and tryin and tryin for quite a while
but I cant have a feeling that is only me whos walking a mile

I still remember
the days we used to bring

Imagine lyrics

Imagine thereâs no heaven,
Itâs easy if you try,
No hell below us,
Above us only sky,
Imagine all the people,
Living for today.

Imagine thereâs no countries,
It isnât hard to do,
Nothing to kill or die for,
And no religion too,
Imagine all the people,
Living life in peace,

They may say Iâm a dreamer,
But Iâm not the only one,

No American Starship lyrics

(one day mothers fences were blown down in the wind)
Oh yes we've lived on the fourth
Since you've lived on the fifth
Must be about nine years by now
We've been passing on the stairs
Yes, well we've noticed your friends
We've heard you argue some nights
Smelt your meals through the floor
Never known you by your first names
Just a mister and missis
No children to play

Blue Mountain lyrics

To and fro
Like love, you come and go
Say, go see
Your friend Anemone
(Can can) Canny ballet
(Cha cha) Chatter away
She may know
Some dive where lovers go
Take her there
So far from anywhere
Barracuda... etc.
Now you know
How love can come and go
Bathed in blue
Like me, like you
Barracuda... etc.

Barracuda lyrics

They say: In god we trust
believe him and you're allright

you told me that you need - much more time
to trust in me - but you'll never do

something has happened with u in the past
was it my fault? If not what's wrong ?

Trust in me,c'mon honey trust in me
don't put your head in the sand - so fast
trust is everything - so don't give up -and trust !

Don't Look Now lyrics

Hayla mwoi lola
Hayna hayla
Lohanna hola
Go hanna la
"Hold on tight, hold on tight,
Don't let go.
We'll make it," he said
and then we baled out.
"Look out."
Supercool supersly superstitious
We landed in a swamp beside the sea
It was a nice place to land
The South China Sea.
Capt. Boogaloo I've got a bone to pick
with you.

Capt Boogaloo lyrics

Blue mountain
Aloo ha green sea
Dream on the waves
Lost and found me
Ooooh wild pepper sands reach the sky
When the sea catches young eyes
Stay by blue mountain with me
Starlight rain
Moonwish wind
Warmer walking
Water friends
Child of light
Swim the sea
So you missed winter
Far away
Miles and more
Vanished days
On honey shore
Scarlet skies
Fading light
Mercy sails that

Neighbours lyrics

Oh my Lord, I wonder what she'll do
No-one told me she had some kind of
Don't know how she got this hold on me
Keep on feeling like I'm stuck in a movie
Don't look now but I think I'm going crazy
Don't know how but that lady shone her
lovelight on me
Oh baby, let me be
I'm crazy - don't look now.
Oh my Lord, I wonder where I'll go
Who can tell me somewhere that lady
don't know

The Lone Ranger lyrics

I was conceived in a plane somewhere
over Rio
20,000 feet above the ground on a
scheduled flight, flight.
My mamma was a stewardess and my
daddy was a versatile man
He used to travel to so many distant
But he never came back.
You see I find my release flying over Rio
20,000 feet without a sound in a
mole skin night, right.
A poker player shuffles by

Over Rio lyrics

Ain't no American Starship
Sent from the U.S.A. gonna help me find my way
I'm looking for the next world
And I'll find it if my aim is on time
Won't matter how hard I try
Won't affect no lie
Ain't no starship from America
Gonna take me there
Through the sky
(Looking for the next world)
Ain't no madman plotting stars
Whitecoat on his way to Mars gonna
tell me he's been too


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