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Singles lyrics - Quantum Freak lyrics

The Greatest Of These lyrics

Thinking of you again
But this time it's different
Cause I'm not giving up
I'm not out of the fight before I begin
I'm afraid
But I won't back down
And I'm determined
Not to let this end

And i stil believe that love can overcome all obstacles

Crying for you again
I know its bound to happen several times
They'll hurt you they'll hurt me
But i wont let it make me bitter

Itt Techno lyrics

Beep beep beep
Goes the beat
And everybody knows
Where the music goes

But let me tell you something
Compupop ain't funny
Cause when you write your notes
They really want your money

ITT Techno
ITT Techno
ITT Tecnno
ITT Techno

Creep creep creep
I see them all as creeps
Everyone said to better myself
Really saw me green

Let me tell you something
Progress is unrelenting

Autumn lyrics

A time passes
Long ago
Nature turned colors
We put on our heavy coats
To go play outside
And felt the wind blow

So far away
I have almost forgotten
The fun
The joy and weightlessness
Of running and rolling on the ground
And coming inside
To drink Mommy's hot chocolate

Kim Miller lyrics

Thinking of you again
I was thinking of you
Thinking of you again
Just thinking of you

And I just can't move on
I just can't move on
You were the only one
And I just can't move on

Where are you?
Contact me


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