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Singles lyrics - Pulse Ultra lyrics

Acceptance (Phase I) lyrics

I won't fight for a cause
that's been lost when we gave
up our nature, denial
Too many faces are
glowing with pride and assurance, but its their loss

Don't you see
The skyscrapers
They're too big to bring down

Awarness of our
conditioning is slowly
The cracks we've made
in the temple of want do
seem useless
But it's their loss

Dont you see

Big Brother lyrics

Try to break away from you
But you won't let me go
You impose your point of view
And you won't let me know
You create my solitude
In independance
My fate awaits this somber mood
So justify conformity

I need to break these chains
Change chains
Before I live in vain
Change chains...

Pry the lid open on you
But you manage to lie low
You depose the reign of truth

Despot lyrics

Waking in this state
The world seems strange to me
How can something so beautiful
Shine on something so dreadful
Realized this too late...

You sell them short for what they are
One day they'll show you who they are
Leave it to us to tape our mouths
The silence will add more to release
Cuz talking has become a taboo
If only they knew the power that they had

Finding My Place (Phase Ii) lyrics

Sometime soon I think I'll find my place
Never fit into the mold I was given
But am I too afraid to find out what I am?
Or is there something in my way that I don't know about?

Sorry if I failed you
I don't know me
I won't know my face
So find me my place

I don't want us to end our lives
In the confines of a cubicle so sterile
But who am I to say
What you consider bliss

Glass Door lyrics

Suspended in nothing too dramatic
Leads me wanting dissonance
My fulfillment is often sporadic
Trying to hit my resonance
Nothing is yours
Nothing is mine
Nothing is mine
Nothing is yours

Nothing is yours
Don't get so
Caught up with all owning that stores
All your vibes
Inside this glass door

Depression sets in like a
neighbor unwanted
But you can't refuse cause

Look Closer lyrics

Why do
You judge me?
It's time
To get over yourself.
Gives me eyes to get a closer look
Oh, I'll get a closer look
Why do you judge me this way?
I don't know?
I don't know?
I've made mistakes more than once, more than once
My views, mismatch me, about time to get over myself
So much
Gives me eyes, to get a closer look
Oh, I'll get a closer look

Put It Off lyrics

I put it off
Until it creeped on me
But I was sure... so sure...
That I could bury it to see
It destroyed me
It took my mind and made it hers
The paranoia
Won't let me function
In this world

I fear my mind is playing round
Trying to find some self-control
I fear the fear is gaining ground
I need a vice to channel you, out

It took some time
To know the voice inside
She is a liar

Slip In Sin lyrics

I feel like something has
come to take me way
I feel like something has
done away with me
I am your victim
Feels like you're using me as prey
Lights getting dim
Feels like your're causing me to pay
Patience, conscience
Slowly slip in sin
I can't handle
Living freely in manufactured lives
I can't handle
My face has been molded by defeat
I can't handle

Tired lyrics

I'm so sick and tired of
never being gratified
I'm special when I cut you
I like to see you bleed
I feed off your dejections
It's all I could conceive

I'm so sick and tired of never being
When will my desire ever stop

I'm so sick and tired of
never being satisfied
When will my desire ever
stop or petrify

I hate you cause you chase me
While in front of me

Void lyrics

You're sad cause you found yourself
And the boredom is killing you
You know all the cracks in your wall
They're staring right back at you
In time you will see...

You're not alone in this tonight
I know your void
The boredom is killing you, take flight
Away from your self

Disguise yourself in your masks
You're running away from life
You're balancing on the thin line


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