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mannequin - Psyopus

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Mannequin lyrics

Mannequin lyrics

Beaten awake to murder again.
Torturing the mannequin.
Rape after rape victimized.
Paralyzed echoes alone, nowhere, and helpless.
You can't even kill yourself.
Rape after rape inhuman.
Mannequin hypnotized by your kicking and screaming.
Dehumanized by torture time and again.
Lost inside pain once thought as yourself.
Searching for meaning in the wounds of degradation.
Swallowed by this blinding humiliation.
Becomes of hell binding asphyxiation.
Starved for intimate beatings.
Waiting in timeless delusion.
Alone prey, I kneel to make myself real.
My wishes are warped in contortion forced into a form of pure object left estranged, chained to a corner being beat in repetition.
I speak of vomit breathing life onto this prison and if I could only think to save my self.
Strained to the point of dissociation.
Swallowed by this blinding humiliation.
Becomes of hell binding predator and prey.
Dyad Mannequin swallowed by this blinding of incessant torture.

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