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Singles lyrics - Psyopus lyrics

Mork And Mindy [daydream Lover] lyrics

Our love is ordered by liars inside the obsessive backward canvas of my mind.
Secretly, I'm suspicious of your distant selfless purring of affection.
Smile at me beloved mistress of distorted TV screen.
(I see how you look at me. You could never lie. Voices in my head.)
My love is focused obsessive boundary-less Fantasy Partner I'm trailing behind you.
Wanting to hear words.

The Long Road To The Fourth Dimension lyrics

Trip colored liquid psychedelically enters blood stream.
Fall in to black space of mind deep, vast, empty.
Pupils dilate.
Breathing begins the deepening of veins.
The long road ahead seems like it never ends.
Psycho semantic vision: a visualization.
Change wavelength.
Change wavelength.
I'm falling and failing.
Can't see the depth inside everywhere, nowhere.

Mannequin lyrics

Beaten awake to murder again.
Torturing the mannequin.
Rape after rape victimized.
Paralyzed echoes alone, nowhere, and helpless.
You can't even kill yourself.
Rape after rape inhuman.
Mannequin hypnotized by your kicking and screaming.
Dehumanized by torture time and again.
Lost inside pain once thought as yourself.
Searching for meaning in the wounds of degradation.

Mirrorrim lyrics

Inside introspection, my skin is made of enemies.
Staring, I despise the image in the mirror.
I hate you. You hate me.
I cut you. You cut me.
You are my enemy. Enemy you are me.
No more me. No more. No more me.
Inches away from killing the man in the mirror.
I cut him. My blood runs.
Illusions of walking over this vendetta.
No chance, the mirror always wins.

Anomoly lyrics

Trauma takes me to another motion of rebirth.
Left eye of Horus, discovering realization missing no resistance.
New relations with fear. With fear.
No lessons learned in a time when the failure of one is all.
Danger incomplete the picture utilizing the breath.
Utilize the breath. Keep breathing.
Realization missing no resistance.

Bones To Dust lyrics

Coke binge. I lock myself inside this room.
The very end was coming soon.
My head was twisted.
I was saying, "Good-bye."
I was snorting, snorting until I died.
My lifestyle was darker than a permanent black marker.
Another day passes. Another day is gone.
Another sad misery was just dragged on.
It was just a lung. It was just a vein.


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