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Singles lyrics - Pain Teens lyrics

Jmp41189 lyrics

Artist : Pain Teens
Title : U got me
New York City
All in Los Angeles California
From the drive lanes to the open seas baby
To all my beautiful ladies

(I see)
The first thing I noticed when I walked in the club girl was you watching me (me, me, me)
Then I started walking to her when I lost her in the crowd, where could she be? (be, be, be)

Lets Get It On lyrics

Artist : Pain Teens
Title : Lets Get It On
Lets get it on tonight (4x)
(Check it)

(Lets get it on)
It seems as if you just talkin it, and dont know what to do
(Lets get it on)
I can feel you clenchin got your body flenchin when I am touchin you
(Lets get it on)
Girl you know I got that good thang, wouldnt understand its a hood thang
(Lets get it on)

Cool Your Power lyrics

Let me into the rage, inside your mind,

the fire burning in your eyes, terrifies

But I can't look away from the light, if I do
I think I'll go blind

I just want to cool your power

Tell me about your pain, why it won't go away

Let me heal your soul where it's smashed and torn

Tell me about the pain, the pain of being born

It feels like death, but it's so slow

Coral Kiss lyrics

Angry little teeth, sharpened

pearl cuts and bitten,

my bruised lips if I miss
your coral kiss, does it matter?

Does it?

Necklace soft, new moon nail

mark pressed so patiently into

my chest if I look for markings

left too late, they're gone

What is meant by moments

spent at little games like these?

I know that I never want to be

apart from you.

Daughter Of Chaos lyrics

In my field of blood, in my gown of thorns

In my endless night, in my devil's horns

I was born in a firestorm, blood running down the walls

The sirens screamed my name, the distant explosions called
Daughter of Chaos, Mother of Dread,

Mistress of the Flies, Queen of the Dead

Caught with another man, don't cry no tears over me

My blood runs cold for a week every month,

Dominant Man lyrics

Five percent of the human race are dominant over the rest

I'm one of these and I need a man of the dominant five percent

I need a wild man, a dominant man, a man who's stronger than me
A man with wild eyes, and powerful hands, I need a dominant man

I don't mean cruelty or the ability

to strangle the truth to death

I need to find someone who takes away my breath

I need that intensity

Embers And Ashes lyrics

Embers and ashes, sweet-smelling dust

are all that remains of a fire that burned

beyond my control

Embers and ashes, softened by tears
A bitter reminder of the leaping flames

in the depths of my soul

Embers and ashes, a token sacrifice

A visitation and leave-taking

A silent demand

Embers and ashes, irrational longing

for just belonging

to someone I don't understand

Frigid Idol lyrics

Frigid idol, I'm cold as stone

I feel my bones break, brittle as ice
The freezing silence in your eyes

The icy shatter of my bones

Brilliant white light of pain

Surrenders all thought away

Forget the twisted excuses

The frozen silence too insane

Burning doll my paradise fades

Amid the radiant, silent flames

I feel nothing as I watch the blaze

Only a twinge, regretful haze

God Told Me lyrics

God told me to do it, in fact he said I must

I wouldn't think to doubt him, the only one I trust
He said to kill a million of them every day

And then I will be holy when I kneel down to pray

The world is full of weakness, and weakness can't prevail

The stronger ones must crush the weak,

Strength and self-esteem can't fail

So God told me to do it, all the little girls and boys

Indiscreet Jewels lyrics

Let me whisper to you, tell you all that I know

of my pleasure and fantasy, give you a show
An invisible frenzy or machines of desire

Do you want to hear more of my perpetual fire?

The jewels will speak in the silence of night

They will tell you my secrets of forbidden delight

>From their indiscretion you'll at last understand

Each new sensation that your body demands.

Lisa Knew lyrics

When every hour is uglier than the one that passed before

A twisted world in a child's mind,

to her it's just the way things are
The horrible sights are lost in her eyes

The pain that was life is over

Nobody knows what Lisa knew, nobody heard her when she cried

Say the wrong word and get punished

Look the wrong way and get slapped

Don't listen at night, just pretend you're asleep

Living Hell lyrics

Crushing pain, my soul shall die

Big girls don't complain and big boys don't cry
As you murder my soul, I keep it all inside

The hate that I feel will have to hide

Souls can be murdered but they cannot be denied

Sadness and anger fill me like the tears I never cried

You taught me so well, I can't tell you what's wrong

So I'll demonstrate the tortures that made me strong

Manouche lyrics

Manouche, the sky is wide

reflected in your eyes

Black as a moonless night,
darkness of starless skies.

Manouche, I fell into

love when I saw your face

For precious moments I

was lost in your embrace.

Manouche, you went away

Your voice lost to my ears

Into the silent sea

I have poured silent tears.

Manouche I'd live anew,

Come back into my arms

Prowling lyrics

A raging beast that nothing will silence

This dark hunger burning like a fire deep within me
Its anguishing throb seems to overtake my body

Penetrates every pore until it feels as if I could explode

But no explosion sets me free

Now, for the first time, I feel completely alive

A savage creature engorged with heat and desire

Prowling to satisfy my most essential need

Ru 486 lyrics

It's for me, the wonder drug of the century

Now I will be all I can be, at last I'm free of my anatomy
You can't control me any more, you can't tell me what to be

I can walk through any door, just keep your judgements of me

RU 486

Now my live is all my own, I'm not forced to reproduce

Prudes and hypocrites will moan, they're the ones that stand to lose

Shallow Hole lyrics

The fantasy is about power, it is really about control

A powerless loveless outsider, wanting to be in control
To dominate and destroy beauty, put himself in the master's role

The power ends when death sighs, the victor digs a shallow hole

The fear of failure ever-present, he is so afraid to lose

That he never attempts the game, until he's lost the power to choose

Swimming lyrics

Swimming, swimming,

swimming in those arms

whose embrace I knew before
only in my dreams

is a wonder, wonder,

wonder of such beauty

that I'm overwhelmed.

I'm drowning in ecstasy

Sinking into a sea of bliss

Drowning in ecstasy

Sinking into a sea of bliss

We are transfixed

The clouds, the wind,

the trees all whisper

to hush our frenzied fall

The clouds, the wind,

Tar Pit lyrics

I got a deep dark secret, that no one knows about

Deep dark secret that you can't live without
Deep dark tar pit, once it's got you it won't let go

Deep dark tar pit, sinking down below

I knew a man, slid right in, slid so far down,

and no one saw him again (2X)

Tar's black as night, and when you fall inside,

To move's like swimming in a dream, and thrashing to survive (2X)

The Sweet Sickness lyrics

The sweet sickness

is what can't wait
so sweet to know

that it's too late

It's sweet to feel that touch

when not enough

is suddenly too much

The sweet sickness

is what can't wait

so sweet to know

that it's too late.

Voluptus lyrics

Voluptus in your warmth I long to linger

Voluptus in your embrace I long to die

Voluptus be my song, I'll be your singer
Voluptus in forgotten dreams we lie

Voluptus how our bodies intermingle

Voluptus how your lips blot out the night

Voluptus you're a genius of delight

Voluptus take me with you when you sigh

Voluptus, a child, gave me a mystery

We got lost in each other's eyes


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