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you must be joking - Pain In The Ass

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You Must Be Joking lyrics

You Must Be Joking lyrics

you dirty rat you thing im trapped
but im back and ready to destroy the crap
ive been on the road to long
to let a punk ass mutherfuckin rich kid talk like that
you have to step off if you wanna talk
dont come to close cause ill eat you raw
you wanna kiss my ass i regret
my ass is first class so step back

do you think i care
you must be jonkin
do you think im pissed
you must be jokin
do you thing i cant sleep
you must be jokin

so what im rich wile you suckers creep
its sad man but i had to take the chance man
i pay my bills cause i got skills
you will flop messin with the top
i wont let you piss on me
cause youre cheap and not realy dissin me
so please come clear dont be naiv and be shure
youre messin with the wrong crew

youre a little kid with a daddy rich
youre hardcore but your father is the law
youre rebelion time will last a while
but than what youll turn your back on all that

Listen and fill in the blanks

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