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Spain lyrics - Pain In The Ass lyrics

Can't Avoid It lyrics

i cant breath here - i try to read every face
i don't belong here - in my mouth a bitter taste

and if i can avoid it
i won't go there so please let me go
and if you can avoid it
don't talk to me if you're saying nothing

dilated people
mad faces all equal
self destruction sequence
trying to get out what's s inside me
i try to take it frame by frame

Dropped Nine lyrics

come out to play
sun is shining
playing with your smile
i dont wait for nowhere
i have lost a day
nothing is like it used to be
since you have been in my dream
come back and play with me

yes i could life for you
yes i could

the sun goes down
thanks for the memories
its about time to run for time
i have lost my mind for you

yes i could life for you
yes i could

Fit For Demolition lyrics

destruktion as our function
distortion to all static
disconnect any connection
refuse prevent any perfection

only fit for demolition
rip it down to recreate

beware that you make mistakes
stay anomalous turn it off to reactivate
terrorise and infiltrate
sabotage bark and bite and play songs to fight

only fit for demolition
rip it down to recreate

Get Away lyrics

the time we talked about is now
grab your things and lets go
i know the fastest way out of here
to a place where we can see things clear

yeah - get away its time to go lets get out of here

you got nothing left to do
and i have nothing left to say and its o.k.
you got to time and i got the cash
so we wont stay another day

yeah - get away its time to go lets get out of here

Here I Am lyrics

you tell me things like i hate you all the time
to me it sounds that you had another line
im not responsible for any of your problems
face my reality and think about the things you told theme

here i am im standing here my friend
i do the best i can i try to understand
it doesnt make a sense what make you feel so mad
you had in your hand
you busted it my friend

I Saw Your Girlfriend lyrics

yes i saw your girlfriend
and she looked very good on me
she said that she loves you
but your dingaling is too small
dont take it personal its not your fault
she used to say
only size dont make it
until she saw me naked
ladys im i right ?

now you are her ex boyfriend and
all that just because of me
she said that she likes it
if a dingaling is not too small

P.i.t.a. lyrics

say my name say my name
when no one is around you baby say my name

p.i.t.a. fuck you if you judge every single word i say
its to loud in here so i have to scream
this time its not just because sick of everything

p.i.t.a. p.i.t.a. p.i.t.a. get out of my way
p.i.t.a. p.i.t.a. p.i.t.a. all day every day

if you cant relate
to it dont waste your time and dont wait

Painful Experience lyrics

we were plying indians up in the trees
the two sisters were my squaws i was the chief
we build a little platform about 6ft high
a shelter to protect ourselves
we were so young so the game became serious
and in the hectic of the game they pushed me
and i fell on my back and the hit cut my breath
couldnt move couldnt talk

and i try not to cry

Punk 2001 lyrics

laß uns anstoßen mit wolters und jäger frag nicht so blöd was es zu feiern gibt
wie wärs mit uns den checker tracks hinlegern
also prost auf den plattenaufleger der was von seinem job versteht,
uns auflegt weil er weiß das kommt mega
zu viele redeten vom rocken und flogen erschrocken aus ihren socken nach

Run lyrics

run baby run
time is short
run faster come on
you know you should

its not far behind you
run it will get you
youll have to cross the line
but youll have to run a while
before you rich your goal
its gonna take your soul
i know you feel its breath
its blowing cold in your neck

run baby run
run and reach the sun
run faster dont stop
its making up
better not turn your head

Spit Fire Beauty lyrics

each word you say anything you do
drives me out of my senses i bet youve gotta gun
here im in your hands you broke down all my fences
im defense less
knowing for the first time youre the one
you are the one
shining bright lights you show i wonder how i want to know
high speed down desire avenue looking at the world below
since im with you theres no gravity so i cant fall
i cant fall

You Must Be Joking lyrics

you dirty rat you thing im trapped
but im back and ready to destroy the crap
ive been on the road to long
to let a punk ass mutherfuckin rich kid talk like that
you have to step off if you wanna talk
dont come to close cause ill eat you raw
you wanna kiss my ass i regret
my ass is first class so step back

do you think i care
you must be jonkin
do you think im pissed


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