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Singles lyrics - Pagan Babies lyrics

Quiet Room lyrics

In your quiet room
There is the bed you love

Looking into your zombie eyes
I saw, I saw angels
Untie me from your bleeding tomb
My body says the name
That she loves

In this body
I hate this body
Hell is all we have here

Take me to the quiet room
There is the bed you love
Tie my soul you really want
I will chain my messiah

You come to me
And bring me Arabian sorrow

Cold Shoulders lyrics

One dozen white ones
They all go to
I get cold shoulders
And I go to sleep

One would have given the lazy eye
Falling drunken, deaf and blind
Meeting decent people
Run for me and I'm dead again

One dozen white ones
I'm poisoned too late
The ocean calls me
And I go to sleep

After the goldrush everything is great
Meeting decent people

Best Sunday Dress lyrics

Terrified of all the corruption
Hear the thump of every breath
I'm going to, I'm going to
I'm going to miss it

I'm sleeping in the river
Drowning in this fatal moon
I walk into all your motives
See my world is getting cruel

We will be perfect again
If it's the last thing we ever do
Still I'm on your side
Still I'm on your side
We will be perfect again

Bernadine lyrics

You dominate, and promise me
Why won't you try to love me
You always knew

Lonely lovers hang from you
Why won't you cry me a river

She's gonna fall down on her knees forever
And know; I want you
You are the only perfect thing yeah
You are the one thing I dream
I just pray for release,
And I'm falling into your eyes
I've got a gate into your eyes
That's the way of forgiving baby


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