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atomic night - Octinomos

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Atomic Night lyrics

Atomic Night lyrics

Atomic Night

I cannot stand humanity
I cannot stand hypocrisy
I cannot live in a world such as this
Where all is material and spiritual life is forgotten

I cannot respect human life
Nor can I accept that it has any value
Any value, any value at all

I want to vaporize this planet
And I will do my utmost to realize this wish
I can see no point in the existence
Of those billions of redundant people that populates the earth
People whose only desire is to breed
And to feed upon what the few creative give them
They are the mindless mass
Their existence isn't justifiable in any way

They must be destroyed
They will be destroyed
They will be hunted down and killed

Kill all human beings
Murder is justified by its own self serving cleansing purpose
Murder is good
They must be destroyed
And shall be
Will be

Their upcoming death is all I can think of
I am obsessed with the slaughter of these leaches
These pawns in the divine chess game
Kill them all I say
Destroy them and pulverize the filthy planet they inhabit
I want mankind to die
In a storm of burning plutonium

In the roar of atomic thunder
I want to see them die
To see this planet die
A death so great that not even ashes remain

They must be destroyed

Listen and fill in the blanks

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