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On The Demiurge lyrics - Octinomos lyrics

Nuit Fauvres lyrics

Nuit Fauvres

I fly by night on bloodstained wings
To find the object of my desire
I reach deep inside your heart
To destroy and manipulate

I am the words in the back of your head
The voice of dark that speak of death
You can't escape my calling
You long for the eternal sleep

You will not die tonight I'm sure
But who knows what tomorrow brings

Star Of The Apocalypse lyrics

Star Of The Apocalypse

Hope you were my first love seeming so beautiful and pure
But your beauty was false and so was your heart
Now buried in darkness you are
You left me alone in my hour of need you turned me your back and was gone
But that gave birth to a child of the world
Who I could love 'til the end

Hate you are my new bride, my true love
Caress me with flames of despair


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