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Singles lyrics - Oceansize lyrics

You Can't Keep A Bad Man Down lyrics

This criminal apathy's a sound that deafens all around
A happy tranquiliser for all
It's the clogging that is make us stall.
A lie that still endears you millions of years
Will one day cause the gospel to fall
And don't you think it's time that you stopped?

Here's to song! To scream!
Believe, believe me the rest will come naturally
Rest will come naturally.

Paper Champion lyrics

hear this, the name to sell be retold another
I am down and you're under me
all the prize it will cut these doubts right down to size
and well have this thing,
without the drive just to make you see her
i am striving to make a fist
a voice if i could just make you hear
make this alright,
and im still....still calling.....still....still...still calling

Ornament/the Last Wrongs lyrics

Signs the signs invisible
Trace the trail and follow you wherever you will lead me
To the heart of me and your spilling grief
To answer to a God who never answers you
Feathernest invest and gain
Shiny brass is milk and grain
And yours is to just sustain and chip away with haste
Treasure time and savour taste
And all the while you quietly crave and crave
The day is done

One Out Of None lyrics

stasis he freezes we root to the spot
he's reciting and listing
feelings i didn't know i had
i shiver now
depiction it's all too clear
elating and lifting
he's nature's favourite yet chemical

always say always again oh so very touche
i am lost but he has found me says always

saviour i'm hanging on every word a religion
a beauty lies in deliberate mistakes

No Tomorrow lyrics

Goes it comes and goes
Although you try to hide it always shows.
And I try never to pretend I know
You flick the safety catch and off we go.

Shoot him down, shoot him down
Reap and sow the only thing you've left to show.

Is faith against your faith
That carves a look of love into your face.
As if you are proud of this disgrace
Accelerate and charging through the days.

Music For A Nurse lyrics

And a piece of the pictures bitten right out of the middle
I'm alone and thinner I feel
Is this a prayer?
Anaesthetise me just til you return
I feel the loss like a squandered opportunity to whisper
You're all I ever needed.

Shapes fall into place
For once in your life you make
A clean breakaway.

And did you know that everything you touch is blessed and all the richer

Mine Host lyrics

Numb numb and fearful friend
Can you hear me crying calling out your name
It's easy to apportion bucketloads of blame
When you're distant
When you're invisible of blame cos you're here
Blame cos you're here
Would've never thought that I'd be your defendant
I would be a criminal investigation
Needing to believe that faith could make a difference
Need to forget my name when you're here

Dead Dogs An' All Sorts lyrics

I cut it open, you just watched me
Smash the shell from wall to wall

Follow a trail of clues that help me
Try to walk in time with it all

We're getting closer, we're getting nearer
We're getting slower, we're getting near

As The Smoke Clears (New Interpretation) lyrics

Speak with what eloquence you can muster
Say what you feel after the moment
Think the way that everyone has taught you
Just scream aloud and prove everyone right

Breathe, and sing, and play

To me, we have an inhereted demeanor
Will you share?
Well I'll take... and let you give again, and again, and again

And still I stumble
He's driving too fast
A hundred questions

As The Smoke Clears lyrics

Speak, with what eloquence you can muster,
Say, what you feel after the moment,
Think, the way that everyone has taught you,
Just, scream aloud and prove everyone right

Breathe, and say, a prayer (actually sounds more like play...which doesnt make sense...)

We have, an inherited demeanour,
We'll share, well i'll take and let you give again and again and again...

New Pin lyrics

In goodness wake I'll always say I do,
That it's all for you
And tricks I'd turn would always shine right through,
But it's all for you.

Like a stream overflowing
A new confidence like a new king.
Like a breeze levitating
To raise a sunken soul
And to the surface shines like a new pin.

What junkie says is not what junkie do,
But it's all for you


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