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Everyone Into Position lyrics - Oceansize lyrics

Heaven Alive lyrics

i patiently wait for my turn
while you fill the gaps with a bold empathic love
hey, is it coming over you?
hey there, we should come together & wait on something new

and christ alive! am i dilating
my inhibitions soon dissipating
can we afford to stay this way forever & forever amen

this release inside of me
is like my heaven calling
endless possibilities

The Charm Offensive lyrics

senses oh how could you fail us now
check your heart still makes a hissing sound
it's just another name for sorcery
we still believe in what we never see
our perception is but a camera trick
authority a uniform, another name for a second chance
you offer more the sophomore
can you offer more
can you offer more

goldmouth at full voice refuse
this should be our choice

Meredith lyrics

gravity, gravity, why oh why you try to fail me
neveryoumind never you mind neveryoumind it's entertaining
us for a little while, just for a little while
your crocodile smile now is fading
maybe i lied, maybe i lied, maybe i lied but it's entertaining

oh how id cut you to the bone
oh how id cut you to the bone

this creeping and seething
i pour it on to make you grow

A Homage To A Shame lyrics

say one thing for sorrow, say nothing for joy
it's a piss over our parade, the devices you employ
i'll say one thing for sorrow, it never leaves me dry
as i beg steal + borrow there's no tears when i cry

but try + try + try + try again
but try + try + try + try again

but no nothing can stop me, no nothing at all
i'm the entrance + the exit, the cligging will make you stall


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