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you wish - Oceansize

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You Wish lyrics

You Wish lyrics

Comfort driving, over burdened

Sheâs still striving to hold to the weather

(Old heaven) under pressures

Come pull to the womb
Foot to the floor

In all of my memories you were always running away

so cold and proud

so unashamed

you were always running away

Just inches from drip (freezing?)

Donât you worry

I donât have it in me

To ever leave you

Save this, and swallow it down whole

Stop this headache, mumble in a chalk line

You're always saying "Save me, I'm a danger to myself"

And who's driving?

And all through this you deserve better

Drinking, becoming someone else

Someone who's soul will come to naught and vanish

Though I'm trying,

I can't save you, you're a danger to yourself

Like you care

You just wish for an exit

Perfectionist, you falter

(Weâve got?) no mind to alter

Get up (x2)

Just get up

Iâll make it work

Like you care

You just wish for an exit

Perfectionist, you falter

(Iâve got) no mind to alter

Weâll search the sky for answers (x2)

Listen and fill in the blanks

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