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long forgotten - Oceansize

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Long Forgotten lyrics

Long Forgotten lyrics

These are the secrets you will share

These are the words you cannot bare

This is the sight youâll never see

And that you have forgotten me
The voice that tempted you away

The deepest hole in which I stay

I miss you most my darkest hour

Iâm wondering where the hell you are

Too late to tell you you were wrong

Another word to dwell upon

You could have waited for me

Like I was waiting just for you

The fuse is flicker in his eye

Her touch to blow me open wide

I could have run a million times

But I was waiting for you

And did you ever stop to think

About how low that you could sink

And down the low, our deepest sigh

Within yourself you cannot hide

Do photographs and faces lie?

Why did I never wonder why?

Why I was waiting for you (x2)

Listen and fill in the blanks

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