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Effloresce lyrics - Oceansize lyrics

You Wish lyrics

Comfort driving, over burdened

Sheâs still striving to hold to the weather

(Old heaven) under pressures

Come pull to the womb
Foot to the floor

In all of my memories you were always running away

so cold and proud

so unashamed

you were always running away

Just inches from drip (freezing?)

Donât you worry

I donât have it in me

To ever leave you

Women Who Love Men Who Love Drugs lyrics


Kill her

Life hurts
And (Satans?)

Donât die

Kill her

Itâs all me

Itâs all you


So Donât You



Who Love

Men Who





Saturday Morning Breakfast Show lyrics

Unfortunate positions

That I have held

They pale in to insignificance

Now that I have experiences
A Saturday thatâs cold and black

Is not the same

And sulphur black rings around the eyes (ice?)

All leave black rings around the eyes

Oh and how I long to be elsewhere

And start again

I leave behind all I despise

All the way

On Saturday

Remember Where You Are lyrics

Milling round, encroaching on

My right of way and under the

Battle scars of Daddyâs latest lesson

Little time for intuition
Little time for cry-babies

Come on son can't you not take a joke?

More sticks and stones to break you

It's freezing in here, can't even dress yourself

Lie awake still waiting on a single bite of cherry for you

Hold it in your arms

One Day All This Could Be Yours lyrics

Just an act

An impossible divorce

That put the life in to you

Itâs too late to abort

I never gave you the time that you deserved

Never gave you even half of what youâre worth

My beautiful son

Can you feel it inside you; my son

Could you beat me black and blue

For the doubt and apathy

Just trying to keep your feet on the floor

Massive Bereavement lyrics

It is __

Take control

All that was need, seething teething

Take one more

It is growing

We were searching for a truth that was there all along

Little snarling little (creeps) will be the words to this song

That righteous indignation dollar turning you on,

Turn off the television (x2)

All that was need, seething teething

Take one more

He is growing

Long Forgotten lyrics

These are the secrets you will share

These are the words you cannot bare

This is the sight youâll never see

And that you have forgotten me
The voice that tempted you away

The deepest hole in which I stay

I miss you most my darkest hour

Iâm wondering where the hell you are

Too late to tell you you were wrong

Another word to dwell upon

Catalyst lyrics

i awoke with a start today determination set
filled with expectation sacks of soul to collect

but i am so fearful of the future ignorant of the present and wary of the past

and through the door i shuffle quietly down the hall
identical corridors and artificial lights
the man in the box born to set my world to rights
effortlessly soon ignites the screaming in my head

Amputee lyrics

This king of overstatement now

Would like to whisper

Sweet something in your ear all day

From now till then

I canât swim for (irons) on my tail, they want an answer
And hip-hip hooray, we lose again

Dear god, you can suit yourself

Oh you could be, an amputee

Thereâs got to be

Something better thanâ


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