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Singles lyrics - Obviously F.U.B.A.R. lyrics

Told You lyrics

Another night
Another time
Dripping wet
Staind from desire
And stripped down to the bone
Tied down to the enemy inside you
Then left all alone
Satisfied in your head that it's not your problem
Satisfy yourself that it's all over now
all over
all over

No one told you
You said no one told you
You said no one told you
You said no one told you

Sell your life
And destroy the pain

Scab Cattle lyrics

Shallow fears have surfaced from this kiss
But I don't wanna walk away from this
Hide the burden and tuck away the pain
Afraid to feel the love, you lose the gain

Danced with the devil and you could never tell me why
That your love has grown to hate
I feel alone, too late
To rectify this

I want you to bleed for me
Show me there's a need for me
Don't tell me what you want to be

Retrospect lyrics

Can you see?
Prove to me
Lectures and lessons of blasphemy
Ten things to destroy the world
Seven things inbreed instead

Take pride in the anger
Envy for the greed
Lust for the need
What will set you free?

Drawn into remissness
By comfort in ourselves
And is the desire, wish, fantasy
Not staining enough on it's own?
They take away conrol
But life they want to steal

Ode To The End lyrics

A long time ago
I lost my heart you took my soul
Everything I took for granted
Now there's nothing left it's out the door
The hardest thing for me was not
That you said it was over
But how we'd never begun
And how this was all undone

Falling down...
I'm falling down...
All the miles from this
I'm falling down...

Take a good look now
I need to see but I'm blinded

No More lyrics

Now it seems everything in our lives ain't right
Have we had our love you's and our last goodnight?
There's this voice in my head that's still ringing clear
Telling me this can't be over, that I still need you here
We got alot to fill, we got alot to fill us up
We got alot to feel, we got alot to feel
Is this all worth it, is this all worth it??

Faded Silhouette lyrics

Standing within grounds of blood
Exile and distress arise
Unchained to the over bearing tide
I dissolve into the flood

Show me just reasons
Explain to me why
I'm not looked at with loved eyes
Why am I always denied?

Going against your set expectations
Drifting away from the line
You salvage away your kindled emotions
And divide me away from your side

Armageddon lyrics

Once I prayed to be satisfied
Now my whole life is crucified
A myriad of torture on my hollow soul
Drowning in my vexation
Dying again tonight
Bereft of all my iniquities

Keep digging into me
I was born into suffering
Keep digging into me
I was born into pain
Keep digging into me
I was born into suffering
Keep digging into me
I was born into pain

Man the crucifix


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