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Inside Out lyrics - Nate Sallie lyrics

Without You lyrics

Ive got a black cat walking across my path
And big red monkey thats on my back
And every time I try to run I fall off the track
Seems that since we parted ways everythings gone bad
And now my head is swimming with the tell tale signs
That my world is going under can you throw me a line
With eyes wide open I still feel blind
And when said I didnt need you
I was telling a lie

Whatever It Takes lyrics

Who was i to try to live without you
Thinking I could do things on my own
Lord I know that I should never doubt you
I get so lost and lonely when I stray

Now it's time to
Surrender to you
'Cause I'm just a man who believes
And it's you that I need

Whatever it takes
That's what I'll do
I'd give anything to get back to you
I know I was wrong
And I've made some mistakes

What Are We Waiting For lyrics

Small town in the USA
Hangin' out in the one BK
Every day every week's the same
Football games and everyone
knows your name

Weekend no place to go
So we cruise in the 5.0
Got the tunes on the radio
I don't wanna be here tomorrow

I kow that we all want some change

What are we waiting for?
Let's just get away!
Before it gets too late and the
sun goes down
What are we waiting for?

Save Me lyrics

Broken and fighting with myself
Looking for the answers in the eyes of some one else
Crowded but I feel alone
Stranded on this highway
Trying to find my way back home

I try and try
To save my life
But no matter what I do
I need you too

Save me from the walls that I build
From the broken heart inside of me
That just will not heal
Save me
When its hard to believe
And the faith I need

Never Again...again lyrics

It was the fiftieth time
I told you goodbye
And I swore it was the last time
But then the phone rang twice
I was running right back so fast
And now I'm here at your door
Askin' for more
Like a favorite pastime
So good for a second or two
But it never seems to last
Didn't I say just yesterday

Never again again
I keep saying that it's over
But I'm still here
Could have sworn I said

Lead Us lyrics

Under the street lights
The rain's coming down
No one's out tonight
I'm walking around alone
'Cause it's quiet here
I'm just trying to think
Are you real
Out here on the street

Come and lead us
There's no easy way out of
The night
Come and free us
You're the only way into the light
Save our lives

She's seen it all
She's barely sixteen

It's About Time lyrics

So you say you wanna stay at home
Another night in your comfort zone
I know its easy to get caught up in the same routine
So many things that you avoid
But you dont have to be paranoid
Your heart says go but youre in limbo somewhere in between
Youre always talking but its getting you nowhere
Take the first step and it might just take you there, yeah
It's about time
You got your feet wet

Inside Out lyrics

Friday night we're going out knocking on the door
I'm at your house
You open up and say that you're not even ready at all
You run up stairs to paint you toes then you
Trip and fall and you rip your hose
You scream crying "I have got to change all my clothes"
I guess i'ts really just my fate another
Cosmo mag-a-date before the hour gets to late
Theres somethint that I gotta say

Beautiful Surprise lyrics

Mayeb no one ever told you
Was anybody there to hold you
And I can see you've lost your confidence,
But from where I stand you're perfect,
And that makes no sense

I tell you you're amazing,
And I tell you that you're fine
But you just look at me and say I'm blind

If you could see yourself through my eyes
Oh baby if you only knew what you have inside

All About You lyrics

I talk about the day
You walked into my life and took the shame away
I talk about your love
It's more than I could ever hope or dream of
I talk about
Your face
And when I get to see it for eternity
I talk about
Up above
The heavens and I wonder what theyre made of

It's easy to figure out
What my life is all about
It's all about you
It's not about me
Wherever I go I want people to see


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