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mcanarchy - Narcoleptic Youth

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Mcanarchy lyrics

Mcanarchy lyrics

I believe in Anarchy, but I also like McDonalds and the THEORY of "conspiracy" that never sets me free.

I WANT to be a "victim" and I WANT to be a "martyr" but it's GETTING SO MUCH HARDER

now that you are ONTO ME. And if I listen to their orders I will surely be rewarded with my hand out to

the BLEEDING HEART who wants to "set me free".

They SAY they care. I KNOW they must. It's ONLY THEM that I can trust.

THEY TELL ME SO every time I turn on my T.V.

Oh Yeah. "It's the system that's keeping me down" SO I'VE BEEN TOLD.

so I'll just sit and gripe. I'll bitch, complain and moan.

I'm conditioned by my TV to be PACKAGED, BOUGHT AND SOLD.

You wake up in the morning and it starts without a warning.

It's more dangerous than all the crap you're putting on your plate.

You're looking for the reasons as they're flooding you with answers.

Then they tell you you're the cancer that'll never go away.

If you follow THEIR directions and you never ask the questions, "WHO AM I?" and "WHAT'S THIS THING INSIDE MY HEAD THEY CALL THE BRAIN?"

Then you'll become a Movie Star and you can drive a fancy car!

Just don't step out of line or you'll be CLASSIFIED insane.

Listen and fill in the blanks

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