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banks go bust - Narcoleptic Youth

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Banks Go Bust lyrics

Banks Go Bust lyrics

This ain't no warning. No this ain't no test. This ain't no song about the "social unrest".

This is the real thing. Apocalypse NOW. Get down on your knees.

It's time for you to bow down to the bigger man with a bigger gun in your face.

Survival of the fittest (Darwin's theory into practice)

and you're about to be erased (because)

Anarchy is coming when the banks go bust.

Anarchy is coming then there's no one you can trust.

Anarchy is coming when the banks go bust and you won't be laughing then.

I see the "crust core kiddie" with a gun to his head. Begging for police, but ALL the cops are dead.

There ain't no government. There ain't no rule.

Just a bunch of macho tough guys and the people they control so...

Ain't this what you want to see?!

Ain't this what you wanted? I thought that's what you wanted.

Anarchy! Anarchy! Anarchy! Rah Rah Rah!

Sing, "We've got chaos! Yes we do. We've got chaos! How 'bout you?!"

Listen and fill in the blanks

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