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Singles lyrics - Narcoleptic Youth lyrics

The Bitch Needs A Muzzle lyrics

You can be a bitch if you want to be. But don't try your little motto on me.

Because I'm not going to take it lying down. (Hey!) I don't need you hanging around.

I don't need your opinions. Don't want your advice. I tried so hard. I tried to be nice.

But you just kept tuggin' on my last nerve. Now it's time for you to get what you deserve.

Smallpox Ebola Cocktail lyrics

I used to live under fear of a Nuclear War.

We used to fight with H Bombs, but those days are no more.

The found a better way to kill the masses dead.

A new strain of infection, that goes straight through your head.

(Watch the people die on the street / 12345678)

I had a Smallpox/Ebola Cocktail. Saddam Hussein said, "Drinks are on me."

Slick Willy lyrics

Looks like another 4 years of your politics are gonna keep me down because you came,

and bought up the Whitehouse. Ms. America is in love with you.

Build your "bridge to the future" but I won't ever dare to cross it cuz I know what lies ahead for me...

waiting on the other side.

Our nation is turning BLUE. The country is crumbling right before our eyes.

Saints Of The Future State lyrics

Yep that's right boys, Punk is dead. Just another cheap product for the consumer tag.

Bought out. Cleaned up. Packaged for a price. It looks like maybe CRASS was right.....

We are the Saints. The Saints of the Future State. Filling your mind with our message of greed and hate.

We are the Saints. The Saints of the Future State. We don't really care cuz we know that we're here too late.

Pull The Trigger lyrics

Pull the trigger blow off my head.

Sometimes I think you'd rather see me dead.

So here's some bullets and a brand new gun.

Now pull the trigger bitch let's have some fun.

Pull the trigger..................bitch!

Pull the trigger blow out my brain.

The way you treat me drives me insane.

Act like you hate me and I don't know why.

Am I so terrible that I should die?

Politically Incorrect lyrics

I refuse to be labeled, singled out and penned anything other than American.

Because this is where I was born and that's what I am. So you can stuff your trendy labels.

I don't give a damn... But that's not "P.C."

Because I'm Politically Incorrect. Yeah, I'm so Politically Incorrect, I'll bet I make you hippies sick!

Narcoleptic Youth lyrics

We don't need an introduction, I think kicking down the door should have told you who we are.

And we don't want your criticism. If we did then we would have asked for it before.

We just keep falling asleep. Can't stay awake no matter how we try.

Our coma is pretty deep because you're putting us to sleep and if you want to know the reason, we'll tell you why...

Michael Joined The Navy lyrics

Michael joined the navy at the age of 21. They sent him to Virginia where he learned to shoot a gun.

Whoa Whoa. Whoa Whoa. He's on a big boat now.

He signed away his life, now he gets to see the world. He sent me home a postcard of a really pretty girl.

You gotta fight for your country. Fight for your flag. Don't let them turn you into a fag.

Mcanarchy lyrics

I believe in Anarchy, but I also like McDonalds and the THEORY of "conspiracy" that never sets me free.

I WANT to be a "victim" and I WANT to be a "martyr" but it's GETTING SO MUCH HARDER

now that you are ONTO ME. And if I listen to their orders I will surely be rewarded with my hand out to

the BLEEDING HEART who wants to "set me free".

L.a. Riots lyrics

No justice. No Peace. I heard them say from the burned down city that they call "L.A."

See the vigilante hero, peace sign on his back. Watch him set fire to an old guard shack.

and then I CAN understand.

No money for food, so I stole a T.V. It's a "blow out sale" in the riot city.

Just how bad off can they be? As I'm sitting home safe in front of my big screen.

Is This Punk? lyrics

Is this punk rock? I say yes. In a world so blind it's a tragic mess.

Exploited everyday on M.T.V.? But if you think that's TRUE then you can't see.

(Chorus) So, why don't you tell me, Is this punk?

Don't get me wrong cuz I love your style. Your brand new haircuts drive me wild.

But in a week or two, it'll be old news. With so many FASHIONS, it's hard to choose.


Felon lyrics

You've got no life. Got no hope. All you ever do is sit around and mope.

Got no brain, your head's so thick. Every time I see you I get so sick!

Felon. You're falling asleep again. Falling asleep on the job again.

You've got no chance. You won't go far. The only "drive" you know is when you're in your car.

Elvis Lives In Norco lyrics

Well they tried to tell me that Elvis is dead, but I saw him yesterday at the Circle K.

Serving up drinks and having a laugh, but I think the dirty bastard needs to take a bath.

And Graceland was nice. He had lots of fans but he got too big so he bought a van.

He packed it up to move far away so now Norco is where he's gonna stay...A Cowboy!!!!

Chorus: Elvis Lives! (In Norco) Heehaw!

Double Jointed Circus Monkey lyrics

1234 (German)

Kicking back in my room drinking banana juice, we were all gonna party.

We were going to get loose. School was out and it was Friday night.

Everything was going oh so alright. Everything was wonderful. Everything was great.

But then Mike and Niki, they started to fight and the room ablazed with hate.

That's when he called her... Double Jointed Circus Monkey.

Classified lyrics

Welcome to the planet Earth. Welcome to the USA.

Time to get in line so we can CLASSIFY you

want to be a human, but we can't seem to think that way.

So instead we'll cut you up and try to divide you with...

LABELS! (They want to give me...)

Am I a man? Or a crayon? Do I look like a man?

Welcome to your brand new job. Happy now that you're a slave?

Class Of 99 lyrics

They're a different breed. Right from the start. Born and raised in a world of hate.

But it's not their fault. They're products of their time. The missing link in the catastrophic chain.

Computer bits. Little shits. Babies having babies and disco hits.

"WHO" says the kids are alright?!

Just watch the ROBOTS fight.

We are the class of 1999.

Child Molester lyrics

You make me sick. You made her cry. Your fascination is just not right.

You are disturbed, inside your head. If you don't watch your step, you're gonna wind up dead.

Child Molester. You know you make me sick.

Prey on your victims. They're half your size. Your soul is hollow. It's in your eyes.

You should be locked up. Well that's for sure. The problems you cause...

Busted Condom lyrics

I'm just a product of a busted condom. Society doesn't give a "fuck" about me.

A mistake at the latex factory. Another crying babies mouth to feed..

My friends used to go to the grocery store and poke holes in the boxes.

But they don't think that's funny anymore because now they're paying their taxes.

I'm just a busted condom. You're just a busted condom. She's just a busted condom.

Barbi In Bondage lyrics

Plastic eyes. Plastic face. Plastic Body. I want to melt you. ( X 2)

Take her to my room and I lock the door. She seems so real strapped down to the floor.

This sick obsession running through my mind, it's because of you that I'm going blind.

Oedipus complex. Toy Assault. I'm a bad little boy. It's all my fault.

Banks Go Bust lyrics

This ain't no warning. No this ain't no test. This ain't no song about the "social unrest".

This is the real thing. Apocalypse NOW. Get down on your knees.

It's time for you to bow down to the bigger man with a bigger gun in your face.

Survival of the fittest (Darwin's theory into practice)

and you're about to be erased (because)

Anarchy is coming when the banks go bust.

86 The Crap lyrics

86 the crap. I've had it up to here. I'm sick and tired of you pretentious queers.

86 the crap. If that's what it's all about. Cuz if you call THAT "punk rock", then you can count me out...

Chorus: Because I don't wanna be in your secret society. Because I don't wanna be just another one of those MINDLESS SHEEP.


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