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Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide lyrics - Nailbomb lyrics

Zero Tolerance lyrics

So you think you're the chosen one

So you think you're the master race ?!

Racist violence

Ain't anarchy

Are you trying to destroy

Anyone who's not like you

But in the perfect world

You'll be the first to go

Your leader is dead and gone

He, the one who never won

Go back and trace your history

You're no different than your enemy

You talk about pride

Police Truck lyrics

[Dead Kennedys cover written by Biafra/Ray]

Tonight's the night that we drive the truck

We're goin' downtown gonna beat up drunks
Your turn to drive I'll bring the beer

It's the late late shift to one to fear

And ride, ride how we ride

It's roundup time where the good whores meet

Gonna drag one screaming off the street

And ride, ride how we ride

Exploitation lyrics

[originally by Doom]

Animals murdered in pointless tests.
-Torturing natures defenceless creatures-

Guerrillas lyrics

Help to blind me, trying to burn me

Your hole not mine

I just need to keep you all out

I want to think but I don't have time
Away from home

Learn to hate

Die for the land

Fucking waste

Away from home

Learn to hate

Die for the land

Fucking waste

Push the button, who cares anymore

Same old mistakes again and again

Guerillas on the front, meat for the east

Blind And Lost lyrics

Never learn, never learn
Have to be part of something
Never learn, never learn
Follow the leader, youâll fit in

Whereâs your thoughts
Whereâs your mind
Blind and lost

Never think, never think
Have to be just like they are
Never think, never think
Itâs alright, give up your life

While You Sleep, I Destroy Your World lyrics

Shut the fuck up, take the pain
You can never understand
Iâm the one, you rejected
Iâm the one, you wont forget

While you sleep, I destroy your world

Getting sick of all this
Youâre no use to me
Your only crime is youâre an easy target
Open your brain and Iâll destroy it

While you sleep, I destroy your world


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