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Land Of Frost lyrics - Nachtfalke lyrics

Land Of Frost lyrics

Land Of Frost

Hail - to our ancient gods - hail - hail - hail
Hail - to my fathers sword - hail - hail - hail

Set sail warriors onward to fight
bound for glory bound for right
in Muspellheim we raise our swords
in the name of all the ancient lords
only the strong shall here prevail
warriors of evil warriors of Hel
none of the battles can be lost

Men From North lyrics

Men From North

Dragonships arrive on the coast
enemies see them and fight is lost
men from north march through the sand
with iron axe and sword in hand

They see the enemy praying on their knees
begging for mercy to the Christianity
but no one hear their silent shouts
when their souls turn to heaven out

Vikings - ruler of the sea
Vikings - live on eternally

Immortal Home lyrics

Immortal Home

The landscape of mountains
the peak white of snow
wide fresh meadows
joy and pride they show

The beautiful forests
with old holy trees
the souls of earth
forever will be

Glorious nature - glorious past
pagan spirit will everlast
wolf and raven - symbol of creed
we awake - Wotan will lead

The shores of fatherland
the blue clear sea
with white fine sound

Berserk lyrics


When the Sun died
only the strong survived
hear the song of the immortal ones
hear the song of Odins sons

Wild and fearless like the beats
they killed the Romans. Arabs and priests
one eyed Odin nailed these men
in peace and when they attacked again

Berserker - rage comes from the heart
Berserker - let the bloodly battle start
Berserker - With the sword of the holy steel

Ragnarok lyrics


Time of the Leaving moon
hordes appear on the horizon
wild screams in the morning
the horn sounds the warning

Asgard prepares defiance
invaded by giants
weapons for the Einjerjer
so starts the nightmare

Wigrid - the battle place
armies stood face to face
naglfar arrives
to end the holy lifes

Ancient Yggdrasil fall
fire destroyed all
Midgard died in flames

The Windlords lyrics

The Windlords

There was a darkness over the valleys of the north
two ravens high and far off above the battlefields
the black-winged messengers watched
the fighting man and their bloodred axes
the windlords of Asgard

The springing and dying
the song and the weeping
and the snow everlasting groan
of overburdened stone
so two ravens - the windlords
accompany all the brave warriors


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