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Doomed To Die lyrics - Nachtfalke lyrics

Fallen Heroes lyrics

Fallen Heroes

Great battles under the north star
Fighting for honour and blood
With iron will under the sun wheel
Hallowed be the fight

Remember the fallen heroes
It's a fine day to die

Heroism in the blitzkrieg
Baptized with flesh and steel
Bounded by the sun wheel
Hallowed be the war

Remember the fallen heroes
It's a fine day to die

Marching through the ruins

Valhalla lyrics


Beneath the Mountain's arm
Within the wizard's vale
A great ring-wall of stone
Like towering cliffs
Stood out from the shelter
Of the mountain side
Through years uncounted
Had stood that ancient place
That man called Valhall

Welcome, my lords, to Valhall...

From the north we came
To a battle we ride
Hold high our hand
With Odin on my side
With axes of steel

Pestkrieg lyrics


For blood and honour we fight
In hundreds of battles we stand
Mjolnir the hammer is on our side
Swing our swords and raise our hands

When Hel comes to earth
Goddess of suffer and dead
She will open the gates
Unleash the underworld

Triumph or death - Pestkrieg!
War in northland - Pestkrieg!
Triumph or death - Pestkrieg!
Death of the Gods - Pestkrieg!

One Home Of Once Brave lyrics

One Home of Once Brave

[Bathory cover]

Out of the water
The cold black Nordic sky
Risen towards the eternal sky
The land lays open and free

Up high the Mountains
Where the wind catch its speed and chill
Snowstorms are born
And rage loud through the valleys and the hills

Above two Ravens
Messengers of the wise One eyed God
Who rules this land
Of the strong and the great

Einherjer (Doomed To Die) lyrics

Einherjer (Doomed to Die)

Open - the gates of Valhall
Under - the sign of Odin's eye
Long - swords of black steel
Einherjer - dark faceless horsemen

Riders - with the power of evil
Shadows - black like the night
Poisoned - the weapons of hate
Einherjer - warrior's from Asgard

Fight immortal men - doomed to die
Fight dark riders - doomed to die
Fight out of Hel - doomed to die


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