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Singles lyrics - N 2 Deep lyrics

Back To The Hotel lyrics

V-Town, brother check it out, I'm by the dope town
Dick in hand, you shoulda had your toke down
A little city, chillin in the North Bay
Needless to say, my boyz don't play fool
Yo que sabo, you know how the songs goes?
In the back, sippin purple chongos
Don't look for trouble but it always seems to find us, forty
Gripin panties, sippin, and the seats are right behind us
Quick left, one blow, K.O.

Act A Fool lyrics

f/ Mac Dre & PSD

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(Jay Tee)
Now if a bitch is broke, how you 'posed to break her

(That's why) Jay Tee only fuck witta many maker

She got scratch, bread be a lil' bigga

Nice house on the hill, work that seven figa

Squeeze the trigga, she be down to blast for me

Got me outta the ghetto, and did it fast for me

Ya Gotta Go lyrics

K-Lou, we're ready to record, man

So tell them broads they gotta cut out

(Hey man, they say they ain't goin nowhere till they hear you guys rap)

Aight man, but we get done they gots to go

[ TL & Jay Tee ]

So you wanna hear us rap, well here is what we'll do

I be player number one - and I be player number two

Would you like to hear a tune that we've already said

V-town lyrics

f/ B-Legit, E-40

( *dial tone* )

(Hi, the state and what city, please?)

Vallejo, bitch!

Ha yeah, what's up though

We got some players in the concert tonight

and they all from the V-Town

These muthafuckas is dope though

I'm tellin you, bro

you ain't never heard no shit like this befo'

So Jay Tee, step up to that mic and tell em how you rollin

[ VERSE 1: Jay Tee ]

Toss-up lyrics

[ VERSE 1: Jay Tee ]

Late one night when I was creepin

And the rest of the world was sleepin

I got a beep from a little freak I met

At the mall, yes y'all, she was gettin the call
So I called, said: What's up, what's the deal?

You booty looked real good today

You know I'm ready to lay

(Some pipe) yeah, the N2Deep type

She said: Cool, bring someone from the crew

Do Tha Crew lyrics

[ VERSE 1: Jay Tee ]

They'll pay your for that donkey

If you know how to rap and get funky

But if yo shit don't sound good

I guess yo dick gotta stay on wood
But me (What's up?) I get mine (Ah-ha)

Check into the telly 'bout half past nine

And when I check out it's ten to two

My knees is week cause I got blew

So let me put you on my list

Of the dookie broads that I can't kiss


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