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rubber doll opus - Lords Of Acid

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Rubber Doll Opus lyrics

Rubber Doll Opus lyrics

This is the story of the fuckdoll from hell!

You want sex with a rubber doll

Baby I din't agree with that at all

Sexbomb Annie, that's her name
With her you like to play your dirty little games

Her mouth wide open, always ready for more

Doesn't close her legs, that inflatable whore

It's a love bizar with that rubber bitch

Don't make me compete with that plastic witch

You can never use me for your fantasy

MÚnage à trois with my enemy

Better take her with you on Thanksgiving day

So she can meet your folks in her nÚgligeÚ

You take her out for dinner so your friends can see

And now everybody's pointing fingers at me

You even take her shopping and on a double date

She's always quiet and she never complains

Baby, it's her or me - my rubber enemy

Your special loverdoll - I'll nail her to the wall

I made up my mind, it's gotta stop

A stab of a needle's gonna make her go POP

That will be the end of your love affair

With Sexbomb Annie and her plastic derri¶re


Death to the doll

Listen and fill in the blanks

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