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concerto for me myself - Lords Of Acid

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Concerto For, Me & Myself lyrics

Concerto For, Me & Myself lyrics

I'm all alone in my room

Just me & myself - me & my gorgious body

And my fucked up brain...

We're thinking about all the precious moments we've had together
Thinking about the places we've been, the people we've met

The lovers that wandered in & out of our lives...

The ones we used and abused and then dumped, cos they don't

understand us the way we do

No one can rip us apart... .

Let's face it girl, we don't need nobody else

We can do it all by ourselves

We're 2 in 1 in flesh & in blood

We share everything - everything we've got

We'll stay together - forever, forever & ever & ever!!

I know what you feel - I know what you

like, I know what to do to drive you

wild. The more you want the more you

get, we're the same - we like it wet ! !

Oh yeah - oh ! ! !

We're all alone in the room

Just me & myself - me & my hungry body

And my lusty brain

We're thinking about what we wanna do together

And before you know it we're doing stuff you can only

Imagine ... & dream of

Listen and fill in the blanks

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