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Farstucker lyrics - Lords Of Acid lyrics

Worship The Lords lyrics

Free. Truly Free. Land of the Free...

What freedom is yours when you're not allowed to say:
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you (4x)
Repeat after me !!!

Praise the lords
Fuck the rest
Worship the Lords
It's you they love the best

Praise the Lords
Fuck the rest
Worship the Lords
You will be blessed

Take Off lyrics


Surfin' Muncheez lyrics

Pffff This shit fucking rules, Deb ! Yo Praga, your dope sure busts my ass, bro!! Starting to feel kinda horny... Yeah, hon, just go with the flow, that's what the Lords is all about, gal Halleluja

Stripper lyrics

I am a stripper
Unzip your zipper
Look at me baby
I'll drive you crazy ...
(come on, give it to me baby...)

Desire in your eyes
Your blood is on fire
I'm here to tease you
Ready to please you

My skin is burning
My body's yearning
'Cause I'm a stripper
Unzip your zipper

(give it to me baby, come on!...)

Slave To Love lyrics

You made me your servant
Your submissive slave of love
All dressed up in leather
Anxiously waiting in cuffs
Come on break me
I must worship at your feet
I want you to take me
In our dungeon we will meet

It's a lusty crime
But it feels devine
Beat me one more time
Nasty shivers run down my spine

Make me crawl on the floor - break me
Make me scream for more - take me

Sex Bomb lyrics

Sex Bomb
Sex Bomb
Sex Bomb

Do Me, do me

Sex Bomb
Sex Bomb
Sex Bomb

Do Me, do me

Scrood Bi U lyrics

I just don't know what to do
I got my boyfriend but I want you too
Don't wanna hear about fidelity
When I need that feeling deep in me

I wanna be screwed by you
but anyone else will do
I wanna be screwed by you and you and you and you....!

I feel it now, all through the day
I have to try it, in every way
Yes, I'll have it long and tough
I don't mind if it's hard and rough

Rover Take Over lyrics

Hey baby, you wanna turn me on?
I'm gonna tell you exactly how it's done
I need to be surprised when I'm on my knees
Come take your hairy paws spread my silky cheeks
I'm a nasty girl, I need it long and rough
But most of you men can't get deep enough
Now baby don't you worry there are other guys
That wanna do the wicked thing called doggy style

I feel so alive

Lucy's F*ck*ng Sky lyrics

Yes, we're getting fucking high Stoned like Lucy in the sky We are getting all we need Loads of pills and lots of weed It's so cloudy in our brain Feels so good to be insane

Lover Boy Girl lyrics

Lover boy, kinky toy
Dirty pleasure, supernasty joy

Strap me up- Spank me up
Beat me up - Heat me up

Lover Girl - Tasty Pearl
Come for me, you're gonna rule my world

Strap me up- Spank me up
Beat me up - Heat me up

Lover boy - bondage toy
Rubber creature, cover me with joy

Strap me up- Spank me up
Beat me up - Heat me up

Lover Girl, Leather World

Lick My Chakra lyrics


Kiss Eternal lyrics

Your secret is safe with me, understand what I feel
the hunger - the deep need
the thirst - when you bleed
I know tonight is the night, to explore your darker side
when you want me to be your sire
I'll give you what you desire

Willows weep into the night, I sacrificed the daily light
The passion - immortality
The force - irresistibly

I Like It lyrics

I came home the other night
And imagine my surprise
I found my boyfriend in my clothes
In my brand new panty hose
It struck me crazy, so to say
But he kinda looked good in a way
So then I said: that's how it goes
and showed him how to strike a pose

I Like It! Hey, hey, hey
I Like It! He's kinda kinky in a way
I Like It! Hey, hey, hey
I Like It! He's kinda kinky in a way

Get Up And Get High lyrics

Looking at the world like an insect
Buzzin' in the sky
Drifting on the waves of life
On a trip bathing in the sun
Waiting for a dream, visions unseen
In peace, ruthless like a snake
Crawling in the dust, the path of lust
Whispers of delight, passion in the night
In the snowfields my childhood died

Looking at the world from a broomstick
Flying in the sky
Gliding on the clouds of life

Feed My Hungry Soul lyrics

Feed my hungry soul You gotta give your love to me, now Feed my soul I won't let you go

A Ride With Satan's Little Helpers lyrics

One of Satan's strongest demons is so evil, it is known as The Unholy The Unholy may remain on earth out of hell, so long as no-one resists its temptations. The Unholy kills the sinner in the act of sinning and sends another soul to hell! The Unholy drives on purity, on priests and virgins.


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