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Make It Reign lyrics - Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz lyrics

Who Am I lyrics

Intro: Lord Tariq
Yea, yea, One more time
Seventies shit, got the lean
Shit is leanin, itâs to the left
Itâs just leanin, dribblin
Like he gave it a bag of dugy
Or a bag of that Tango and Cash
Itâs just leanin and shit, seventies (The Lord Tariq)

Verse 1: Lord Tariq
Ayo I been through many places
Done many things
Seen the eyes of many faces
From New York to Texas

We Will Ball lyrics

Verse 1: Lord Tariq
What Yo yo yo yo

I'm broken down from keys to oz's to grams
And being sold in city blocks moving hand to hand
Who am I?
You can find me on a corner of your block
And I'm boning powder forming transform into a rock
Who am I?
I suck the life out of a nigga put your dick in the sand
I'm transported through borders for grams
So who am I?

Streets 2 Da Stage lyrics

Intro: Peter Gunz
Feel it feel it
Coma ona come on
Where ya at(where ya at)

Verse 1: Peter Gunz & Lord Tariq
I'm too hot to handle too cold to freeze
Rice the illest shit & don't smoke no trees
Niggas won't test but they turn around & freeze
Might get mic cancer the way I smoke m.c.s

Startin' Somethin'. lyrics

f/ Chauncy Black


Blackstreet: Peter Gunz (Gunz),

Lord Tariq (Riq),
Blackstreet (street),

in the house, its a mix (mix),

ugh (ugh), yea ugh (ugh),

the Gunz (Gunz)

Peter Gunz:

It seems like everywhere I go,

Haters wanna try and stop my flow,

Sayin, "is he really seein' dough?"

Well, I'm a see just to let roadie show,

One Life To Live lyrics

featuring Cam'Ron

Verse 1: Peter Gunz
Itâs been a long time comin but I came
Coulda drove a nigga crazy but Iâm sane
Been a lotta fun lotta pain
Lotta shit changed I use to hop trains
Now Iâm hoppin in planes headed for Lanes
I use to have a job but I quit
Niggas in the Bronx called me lex
Now they call me mothafuckin six

My Time To Go lyrics

[Peter Gunz]

you know what they say

God forgives all sins

except suicide

then I guess I'll be a'ight
'cause I ain't gon' kill myself

you know

I was raised atheist, God was a myth

never prayed 'cause I never seen, and I was never with

kneelin' on my knees, just thankin' Jesus

for stuff that I received when I wasn't receivin'

it's like

thanks for the lights that ain't on

Massive Heat lyrics

Kurupt:Uh, PG
Verse 1: Peter Gunz
I walk holdin my balls,
About an inch from the wall,
Keep hips hypnotized as if
My name was biggie smalls, Your girls are docced dip in,
Nigga keep a headlock,
Trust Gunz with your wife?
Motherfucker bet not, Sleep on Peter G,
Peas don't eevr doubt it,
>From here to New Orleans,
I'll improve 'em, bout it bout it,

Make It Reign lyrics

*Verse One*
[Peter Gunz]
Can I fuckin' play?
I got a quarter mill' in the bank
No one to thank but me
Break me "Gunz"
Bronx ball playa
Take the gatas and suits from niggas rich
See me I'm stackin mah chips flippin' mah chips
Bitch I...
Peter Gunz I...
Listen I gobble pour all I broke
No joke clear the smoke or get smoked
Nigga what?

Keep On lyrics

Verse 1: Peter Gunz

It took a long time sittin in your one and only
niggas said they comin in a month or so
but they run though
how they really want it want all the rain and thunder shit
niggaz talkin this hocus pocus focus
on the lyrical lyrical content
from the Bronx to Compton say enormous
hit the CD stay sober listen tell we smoke a blunt

Fiesta lyrics

Verse 1: Peter Gunz
Uh come on come on come on
Uh and I see you
This is it

In '97 I made plans to see mo' money
In '98 I blasted out in the phat 420
When I hit the block kids stop look and stare
Girls they point "Yo that's that nigga over there"
I get a lotta love lotta hate
Yes that's the bet you make when you see a lotta cake
Now they calling me fake

Deja Vu (Uptown Baby) lyrics

Chorus: Lord Tariq

Party all night fiesta forever
Getting cheddar whatever together whatever

Verse 1: Lord Tariq

One dres on the six I resurrect the willie hottest (dick)
I'm rich plotter on your daughter I'm magician cause I trick
And your man wanna flip cause I'm poppin that (shit)
Takin the shop (bitch) yo honey hoppin the whip

Cross Bronx Expressway lyrics

[Peter Gunz]
New York to the heart but got love for all
Lie and die in the fire where I learned to ball
Uptown is the place where I lay my dome
On the streets of the Bronx where my fa mi ly roam
Hoe damn it we home Peter got a nine millimeter
Playa haters can feel the flame from my heater
I never really liked to play a fool like that

A Night In The Bronx With Lord And Gunz lyrics

Peter Gunz: So whatÃÅÂ up shorty you tell me how you want it tonight
Woman: Just want you to eat it
Peter Gunz: ThatÃÅÂ it no sex, no nothin
Woman: No, I love the way you eat it
Peter Gunz: Aight
(Lickin, suckin, and moanin sounds)
Woman: Shit
Peter Gunz: Right there
Woman: Uh-huh
Man: Meanwhile in the Soundview section of the Bronx


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