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shade - Lonewolf

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Shade lyrics

Shade lyrics

I see the kids, wake up in the night
they have no home, they have to fight
against the hunger, against the cold
Their only wish is to survive
they still hold on to their lives
but they are already dead

Bridge: When I see the children, falling on their knees
when I hear them cry:" Help me, please !"

Refrain: Then I want to know, I want to know
I want to know what's the sense of life
Come on, take my hand, come on, be my friend
Let's go together for a better life
Let's go together for a better world

I see a man with only one shoe
with nothing to eat and nothing to do
sitting lonely in a dirty park
I see a woman, her husband is dead
she has no work, no money for breadher children don't help her

Bridge: When I see the people without hope
when I see the hate around the globe


Outro: I want to know what's the sense of life
I search for the answer in my mind
but there's nothing I can find
the only sense of life is to survive

Listen and fill in the blanks

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