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Love And Pain lyrics - Lady Sadness lyrics

Endovenus lyrics


Venus without words,
Unspeakable thoughts...
Feeling far from home,
Wanting only love...

Come into my eyes,
Come into my sleepless nights,
Come into my arms...

Never felt this way before (oh, before)
I cry I feel your pain...
In your heart thereâs empty love (empty love)
And they will never burn...

Now I take your hand,

Devils May Cry lyrics

Devils May Cry

Now thereâs the moonlight
And I think what Iâd want find
Before the light,
âcause my failed sleep is on my mind.

My girlâs in love
With a man tired and old...
Sheâs burning inside,
But my heart now is still cold...

One night
Iâll open my eyes
Iâd want to find
The strenght of the man to cry...

Now is still night

Solitudine lyrics


Iâm here with you...
You canât hear my call,
Only shadows in my soul...

O Dea mia,
So far from you...
Sweet as thousand-million tears (I feel so lonely)
Insicure beneath my fears...

Sento piangere...
Un vuoto dentro me...

Medusa mia
Iâm here with you...
If I look your eyes are sad (you feel so lonely)

Desire lyrics


Desire to live forever,
Desire to die in an hall of light,
Desires like flowers that you canât take...
Desires, only desires...

Leave me be
All the things I want.
Let me live
All my life, my white

Requiem For Mercy lyrics

Requiem For Mercy

In the thorny garden,
Another rose is chocked,
Killed by stolen memories
Of nightly past desires...
Hear the bell that toll
A silent melody.
Embraces seems so hollow...

Lick my open wounds,
A fallen rose is dead,
Memories of winter
The cold has covered.
Scarlet are the walls
That build the house of pain.
I feel flies in my heart...

L'illusione Delle Perle Di Vetro lyrics

L'Illusione Delle Perle Di Vetro

Vuoto infinito e morte onerosa,
Nulla pià importa, nà rima, nà prosa,
Specchio argentato e da pietre scalfito,
Riflette il mantello da Marte vestito.

Pacifica guerra di urla strazianti,
Unâunica ombra di occhi gementi,
Rincorre le luci di un giorno morente,
Il sogno fanciullo di un uomo sapiente.


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