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Coming For You lyrics

Now is the reason I can live again
Start me over lock me under now
Frozen by time everything's frozen

No redemption

Get out of the way I'm
The one with a mission
The blame in the tone and
The voice in a prison
Smash through the
Barricadess of truth
Lies marching

Coming for you
Say it again

Bent like a spoon melt into mirror

Cool Wind lyrics

A twist and a turn
No way to fight
Just to press on
And wait for the night

The fire on my skin
The demons within
And water that I taste
Is just an oasis?

Cool wind in the desert
It feels like ecstasy
When it comes it comes like rapture
A revolution in me

Begging for relief
Even when I know
Mortality is a formality
When the sand stings you know

The fire on my skin

Disco Sex Star lyrics

Spike healed boots drunk at the bar
Said shed fuck me in the back of my car
Wide open and ready to score

Yeh and she needed more disco sex star
Yeh baby she'll give you more disco sex star

Should have known from the facial glitter
And the bell bottom jeans that no longer fit her
She was a 70's porn star with an afro cunt

I'm In Pain lyrics

I look down turn around
Don't turn around

I'm in pain
Pain for something
Pain for nothing
Or so clear
So true
So innocent
In the dark
Hope is a disease
Anger is everything
Life is your death bed
Rains to ruins
In the realm
In a haze
Lying on the operation table
Looking at the doctor
Looking for the cure

I'm in pain
There's no answer
There's no cure
Let me go
Let it go

More Of What You Want lyrics

Emotional over flow
This is the reason that people kill
And in from the darkness that spill from the shadows
So let us stand in light enlight

We walk the night
We are the one
We took the sight
We are the one
Is this something we've become?
Has it stolen our energy?

More of what you want
With my hand on the wheel
More of what you need
Steer us into a dream
More of what you want

Parasite lyrics

No time no money theres nothing I can do
This place is ugly I find parasite you
I run it chases mudd pulling at my sole
Been drained of everything now I'm a fucking hole

Keep running in the rat race
Down a never ending staircase
And when I stop I feel it bite
Inside out side all around

Cant win can't loose no brakes no shoes
The evolution of pollution is rotting in my head

Plugged And Fisted lyrics

All the lights are burning the world is out of order
Standing in the corner awaiting evolution
Hopless and I'm running nothing on the inside

For seconds you have it forever you don't

For something on the inside empty and pathetic

You've taken everything
You left nothing in me
Smashed broken vessel
I've been blown away

Plugged and fisted
Torn and twisted
Bound up tight

Put Your Head Down lyrics

Put your mind down

Your soul down
Your freedom down

Only if you believe

Take a look at me [I]
This is what you see
And do I believe

I want be strangled and forced feed by you
Fuck no!
If it's writing in stone then I'll crush the stone
I want be strangled and forced feed by you
Fuck no!
If I'm cast in the fire then I will rise above higher and higher

Straight From The Lab lyrics

Layin down the fat track
Drinkin' on a 6-pack
Breakin' through the airwaves
Caught up in a smoky haze

Now that the lights glowing
Before they know what's coming
Let's make some fucking noise

We are what we are what
Comin' straight from the lab

Stabbin' knifes into the beast
Moving bodies to the beat
Drivin' round in beat up cars
Gettin' thrown out of all the bars

This Is The Way lyrics

You say there's nothing to live for
I say that's ok
You say that nobody listens
I'm sorry, what did you say?

Captured in transmission
Illuminated vision
Deep into submission
I have escaped

This is the way that you say that it should be

We need a war for our piece
We need a god for our sins
We need a peace for the war within

Zombiez lyrics

Lets turn the lights out
And let the dark out

In the streets
Piles of meat

Lets eat their brains out
And tear their hearts out


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