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the warning - Jacob's Dream

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The Warning lyrics

The Warning lyrics

I saw a bird of heaven fall before the dawn of time.

Satan and his angels, lords of sin, lords of crime.

Then in the garden of Eden a tragic thing took place.

Man became a fallen sinner. Fallen from God, fallen from grace.

I saw the crimson line all trough history.

The need for a messiah to set the world free.

He was born a common child. He lived a life of poverty.

But He had a hidden plan the people could not see.

He healed the sick, He healed the lame,

He raised the dead from their graces.

A sacrificial lamb on the altar

His precious life he gave.

I saw the blood stream down the hill they call the skull.

I heard, "It is finished" as the rain began to fall.

The warlords gathered 'round the table to plot their strategy.

Satan and his demons smile in evil glee.

The battle of all the age is about to take place.

Evil seeking to devour the pure and holy race.

I saw the fire come down from God in heaven above.

Evil gone forever by the wrath of holy love.

Listen closely people to what I have to say.

Just around the corner, destruction's on its way.

Listen and fill in the blanks

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