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love and sorrow - Jacob's Dream

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Love And Sorrow lyrics

Love And Sorrow lyrics

I guess I'll walk alone in the pouring rain

I hold this candle that burns in your name

With every teardrop that falls from my eyes

I can't forget you, your memory never dies
But I can't help a feeling that I've been betrayed

'cause I'm the one that's left out here in the pouring rain

I feel the touch of a hand that's so familiar

How I long for yesterday, I long for yesterday!

Pain is so real

it's a shame that a heart must feel such a loss

In this world that is cruel, full of storm and ocean

I lost your love when I let you go

I wish that you could have stayed with me

And now you've turned and said goodbye

It's raining tears and my heart is breaking

Something inside me has died

Now that you're gone from my side

And all that is left are these damned memories

Of lost love and gained sorrow

Love is so real... it's a God that is never changing

And love shall remain in my heart as I keep on living

I lost your love, but I'll let you go

I wish that you could have stayed with me

And even though you've said goodbye

It took some time but my heart is mending

Something inside me's alive

It seems that my soul has survived

Tomorrow will come and I will be free

To love someone, to love another

Listen and fill in the blanks

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