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the violent truth - Jacob's Dream

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The Violent Truth lyrics

The Violent Truth lyrics

Trapped in hell, that's where I live

in an endless struggle to survive

Concrete jungle meshed with steel

Will I make it out alive?
Take a walk on the wild side

Take what you want but live in fear

Of a bullets sting or the edge of a knife

People dying ain't that nice?

Look and tell me what do you see?

Brother killing brother in the land of the free

Welcome to hell in the U.S.A.

A nightmare takes the place of the american dream

Helpless junkies burn their brains

with the magic pumping in their veins

Eye of the needle smoke of the pipe

Crack and heroin are God!

Walk the market, place of flesh

Erotic pleasure for a price

Brought down by a deadly plague

The party's over, say goodbye!

Look and tell me what do you see?

Sodom and Gamorrah in the land of the free

Where the demons of the inner sanctum

Breed to kill and bring you

down to your knees and watch as your city bleeds

The violent truth is what this is

It's an endless struggle to survive

It's time to take the hand of destiny

With the angels of the light cause we got to be free

Listen and fill in the blanks

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