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DEMO-CD lyrics - Jacob's Dream lyrics

Of Love And Sorrow lyrics

I guess I'll walk alone in the pouring rain

I hold this candle that burns in your name

With every teardrop that falls from my eyes

I can't forget you, your memory never dies
But I can't help a feeling that I've been betrayed

'cause I'm the one that's left out here in the pouring rain

I feel the touch of a hand that's so familiar

How I long for yesterday, I long for yesterday!

The Violent Truth lyrics

Trapped in hell, that's where I live

in an endless struggle to survive

Concrete jungle meshed with steel

Will I make it out alive?
Take a walk on the wild side

Take what you want but live in fear

Of a bullets sting or the edge of a knife

People dying ain't that nice?

Look and tell me what do you see?

Brother killing brother in the land of the free

The Jewel lyrics

I see you, you're crying, you're sick and tired of trying

And I feel you, your sorrow, you're afraid to face tomorrow

Oh something's the matter, there's only tears, no laughter

And it's a razor for sadness, and pills to end the madness

Oh in the night, hear me cry, I'm calling for you

My love is free, can't you see

You're the jewel in the eye of my heart

Sarrah Williams lyrics

How many times must I feel this way

The fool who never learns

Selfish pleasures override my thoughts

Give that wheel just one more turn

Drunken stupidity rules my mind
And things aren't what they seem

How many times must I feel this way

I wish it were all a dream, a dream

I'm sorry about your sorrow, I'm sorry about your pain

If I could turn back the hands of time

Outer Realm lyrics

I was staring out the window

My thoughts dancing on the wind

Thinking of the future

And the things that could have been

Twenty-four and all alone
In a world of pain and fear

The hands of time move slowly-quick

And the night is drawing near

Ever reaching higher

Is this my mission? It's my decision

Will is locked in motion

The wheels are turning, the fire is burning

Wisdom lyrics

Life is a journey that you must take my son

Take care and live it well because there's only one

Remember there's a purpose that you were meant to be

You have a heart, you have a mind, you are humanity

Challenges will come

Storms will rage against your heart

Face them and be strong

Face them and be strong!

A lifetime of learning is what I give you

Rape Of Innocence lyrics

She said she loved me, she must have lied

She raped my innocence and part of me has died

I want to be your lover, I want to be your friend

But all she wanted was a cheap one night stand

So now I've decided that this will end

Cause this will never happen to me again

I make my own rules now, in this new game of sex

So look out baby!

I want a piece, I want a piece of your flesh.


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