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This Is It lyrics - Jack Ingram lyrics

Love You lyrics

Dang the sun; dang this day
An' I'm just tryin' to stay outta your danged ol' way
To heck with this; to heck with us
An' shoot if I'll ever look back on where I've been
Shoot if I'll ever give away my heart again

Love you, love this town;
Love this mother-lovin' truck that keeps breakin' lovin' down
There's only one four-letter word that'll do:
Love you

Make A Wish (Coming Home Again) lyrics

Stare out at the horizon
Start the car and call the road your friend
Tell the girls and the Lord above
You'll think fondly and call back now and then

Head out of the city
Go find what they brought you down here for
Take that shiny penny
That daddy gave you from the day that you were born and

Make a wish that dreams come true
Go on sail the ocean blue

All I Can Do lyrics

I always believed and followed
Trusted in things, relied on faith
Faith let me down in hollow
Now I have found another way

All I can do is what you want me to do
But I dont
All I can say is what you want me to say
But I wont
All I can prove to you is I got nothing left to prove to you
Truth is that anything for you is all I can do

Everything is an empty promise

Don't Want To Hurt lyrics

I look around and all I see is people trying to find a reason
This world can hand out such a beatin'
and they don't wanna hurt anymore
When we were young it all seemed to be easy
Everything within reach, one broken
heart and we're retreatin'
Cause we don't wanna hurt anymore

Don't want to
Don't want to
Don't want to hurt anymore

You look at me and you say you feel

Hold On lyrics

I've been following your ghost
Running circles 'round this house
Tripping over memories
Trying to figure things out
It's been a few years and I miss you still
Get your picture on the window sill
Been thinking of ways, I got days to fill
I don't think I ever will

Hold on to things you can't explain
Hold on dancing in the rain
Hold on to kisses on the lips

Maybe She'll Get Lonely lyrics

She slammed the screen door
Kicked up the dust pullin out of here
Probably headed for Baton Rouge
Her taillights just disappeared
I tried everything within my power to get her to stay
Guess all I can do right now is get on my knees and pray

Maybe shell get lonely
Maybe shell turn that wheel around
Maybe shell miss me
Before she hits the edge of town

Measure Of A Man lyrics

When I was fifteen, I left home young
Tore up the tracks and then some
Me and my dad didn't see eye to eye
I never took to him, he never took the time
Bullet proof, more than tough
Smarter than he ever was

Well I burned those wheels down the highway
And I learned what I learned the hard way
Do the best you can do, love many, trust few
Work hard for the money in your hands

Ava Adele lyrics

Ava Adell
I already can tell
You are the one
For me

It hasnt been long
I'm already long gone
In the eyes
Of my Ava Adell

I know that I
I aint the first guy
to take one look at a beautiful girl
And declare

That my search is through
I say this to you
I love you Ava Adell

Lips Of An Angel lyrics

Honey why you calling me so late
It's kinda hard to talk right now
Honey why you crying is everything okay
I gotta whisper cause I can't be too loud
Well, my girl's in the next room
Sometimes I wish she was you
I guess we never really moved on
It's really good to hear your voice saying my name
It sounds so sweet
Coming from the lips of an angel
Hearing those words it makes me weak


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