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Electric lyrics - Jack Ingram lyrics

We're All In This Together lyrics

J. Ingram/T. Littlefield

We all think weâre special

And I hate to have to say
Thereâs a bunch of us on every corner

Of any town U.S.A.

We all got our problems

We all pay our dues

So if youâre thinking no one understands

Iâve got news for you


Weâre all in this together

Whether we like it or not

So we might as well have a good time

One Lie Away lyrics

J. Ingram/J. Lauderdale

Everything I ever wanted

Is one lie away
To be so close and now to know

Thereâs nothing we can say

For the things I canât take back

Severely I will pay

And everything I ever wanted

Is one lie away


Being so wrong doesnât take long

But not holding on goes on and on

And if you could see

Whatâs left of me

You Never Leave lyrics

I donât know why you surprise me

Youâve said it all before

How youâve sold yourself short

And you deserve more

But you never leave

You wake up in the morning

Youâve slept another one off

You say, âIâm sorry I just got lost

Feeling alone and out of touchâ

But youâd never leave

Youâd never leave

Now you see

That you still love me

Pete, Jesus, And Me lyrics

I need to pray at the feet of Jesus
I need to talk for a while with him
And when I pray at the cross with Jesus
Maybe he'll forgive my sins

My friend Pete he walks with Jesus
He tells me he's never alone
And he swears if I ever should join them
He'll be there to welcome me home

I need to pray at the feet of Jesus
I need to talk for a while with him

Keep On Keepin' On lyrics

Sometimes you get beat up good
Drive yourself crazy being misunderstood
Sometimes you want to throw the towel in
But you come swinging like you just might win

Keep on, keep on keepin' on
Push it on down the line
Keep on, keep on keepin' on
Keep from gettin' further behind

Some days you wonder what it all means
Some nights ain't as bad as it seems
Sometimes you think you been had

I Won't Go With Her lyrics

This beer is colder than the shoulder you'd give me
If I were to tell you the truth
And the truth is she ain't been gone that long
But I've been wondering what I'm supposed to do
Call her up, tell her I miss her
I do but I don't wanna be with her
I can feel myself getting weaker
And I just know I've gotta see her

I don't go with her when she leaves


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