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dont mind me im only dying slow - Jack Greene

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Don't Mind Me, I'm Only Dying Slow lyrics

Don't Mind Me, I'm Only Dying Slow lyrics

Out from my window, the people are passing on by
I hear them complain but I know that they dont even try
And the lights down on Main Street dont shine like they used to
And Im thinking of nothing but spending a lifetime with you

You know that I love you, you know that I wait by your door
You know how Im feeling, so I wont have to feel it no more
But nobody could ever love you like I can
Honey someday youll wake up and maybe youll understand

Now I got a friend of a friend who drives a nice car
And I got acquaintances down at the neighborhood bar
And I got some women; they stop on by my home
But somehow I always wake up each morning alone

And the train that I ride has nothing aside
From the Phantom Conductor with a dog at his side
And the ghost of a weeping, weddingless bride
Who should have been married but never arrived
And I see through the windows like I see through the lies
Like I see through every useless disguise that
Everyone wears but everyone swears that they dont
Ah but dont mind me baby, Im only dying slow

Im trying so hard just to forget about you
I try not to care about anything that you do
But four in the morning and I just cant sleep
The pills aint workin and I cant get no relief

And I feel like a hound dog moaning along with the rain
Any day now, the jukebox could drive me insane
Theres an old man in the corner that nobody knows
He says: laugh while you can cause someday youll be wearing my clothes

But I guess I cant tell you what you dont already know
And I aint no prophet, my landlord he told me so
But my mind is a burning ring of Saturn Flame
And I feel things inside that I just cant explain

I know that you know how to fake and to take what
You break what you burn what you never did learn
Then you turn and you say that youve made a mistake
As your head starts to spin and your heart starts to ache
But all that you make will be all that you get
When the curtain goes down, but dont you forget
That all your regret is a cheap silhouette and thats all
Ah but dont mind me baby, i'm only dying slow

I met a gambler who did nothing but lose all day
He had love in his hands but he let her slip away
And all he ever wanted was to give her a win
But all she ever really wanted was him

Listen and fill in the blanks

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