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Rusty Nails lyrics - Jack Greene lyrics

Freeport Boulevard lyrics

All my good friends live down Freeport Boulevard
Yes all my good friends live down Freeport Boulevard
They get into trouble, no matter where they are.
Sometimes we drink whiskey, sometimes we drink wine
Sometimes we drink whiskey, sometimes we drink wine
As long as were drinking, well be feeling just fine
They wont send you no flowers, they wont send you no greeting cards

Never Satisfied lyrics

Dont just stand there in the doorway
cause I hate to see you cry
and dont try to ignore me
just smile and wave your hand goodbye

to you Ill send a dozen roses
from every town that I been in
and as long as leaves aint falling
youll know the shape that I been in

on the grey side of the mountain
you can hear my train roll by
baby I can be forgiven,
but Im never satisfied

What I Know lyrics

Some time ago it occured to me
that the only thing that you get for free
is the smile on her face, when your foot
goes through the door

Cause what it is ain't what it seems
like the promises from magazines
and you say your plate is empty
but you never ask for more

What I know
I know, just can't save me now

But bless me father, cause' I'm the One
I got no sword, I got no gun

Waiting For The Whistle lyrics

She said this town is killing me
all I remember are a thousand faces
I was blind but now I see
just give me some time child, and Ill take you places
far away from here

she said roses dont mean a thing
I said Ill have to disagree
she said she dont want no diamond ring
I just want you to be close by me now

and there aint nothing to explain

The Rusty Nail lyrics

I broke my back just for her
I got off track, now thats for sure
I used to give her my money,
Id tell you no lie
It cost me 20 dollars
every time shed cry
but I dont care no more
cause she aint mine

and that rusty nail
gave me a thrill
that rusty nail
do me like she never will
well I know theres another man
that she found
cause the only time shes loving
is when I aint around and

The Lord Mistreats Me lyrics

Well I woke up this morning
found a note tied to my bed
babys gone and left me,
oh thats what she said
and the fires gone
I swear the lord mistreat me
and the devil done did me wrong

its hot as hell in the summer
but all I feel is rain
she bought herself a ticket
all on down the train
oh its a lonesome song
I swear the lord mistreats me
and the devil done did me wrong

Santa Fe Girl lyrics

Theres got to be another one like her
Floating around in this big bad world
Ive hoped and Ive prayed, let my life slip away
Like the train that tool my Santa Fe Girl

Well, I dont mind the roof when it rains,
But all these soldiers are dragging their chains
You see, Im alive and alone and Im touched
By the angel that planted her seed in my veins

So Lord where is the woman you sent me?

Passin' On The Blues lyrics

She talked about jesus
but there aint nobody lying here
she talked about the man
but there aint nobody worried here
then she talked about love
and never sings the blues

she talked about money
but there aint nobody starving here
she talked about her blood
but there aint nobody dying here
then she talked about love
and everythings the blues

I know she dont care

Pale Blue Monday lyrics

Well I let down Virginia
When I told her I was bound for leaving
I told her that the city air
Just werent worth my breathing
Then I packed my bags and left her
On her own;
Moving sad and slowly
Down the San Antone
And Im never gonna set foot in her house again

I never said Id leave her
But I never said that I would stay
And I dont mean to deceive her

Gettin' By lyrics

The game must be loaded, cause I never win
these things never did treat me good.
but keep the fire warm, dear and Ill see you again
Lord knows that someday I should

its a strange old feeling, these passing lane blues
but its nothing I aint never felt before.
you nailed down my conscience and you forced me to choose
and my soul I let slip through your door

Georgia lyrics

I met her down in New Orleans
she was hanging out a bit
having a drink or two
she bought a round, she sat on down
and lit a cigarette and said:
boy have you got a night ahead of you

well maybe I was taken
by the fancy way she walks
maybe it was the perfume in her hair
or maybe I just fell for her and the
southern way she talks:
talk like she didnt have no cares

Falling Back lyrics

The stars came out of disguise
and the rain was hidden by the tears in your eyes
and falling back is hard to do
when its falling back in love with you

you know the lamp post understands
that you cannot look inside a man
but falling back is hard to do
when its falling back in love with you

I dont mind your wishing games
long as I can keep from feeling blue

Blue Sky lyrics

Blue sky
its a bad lie
its a cheap high
its a fake cry
its a small town

with a big frown
and I never want
to hear it again

well he drank wine
and he drank gin
but most of the time
it drank him

till he grew thin
and he rocks himself
to sleep again

she was nineteen
she was a prom queen
she had big dreams
wore blue jeans
she had no clue

and a tattoo
yes and who knew


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