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the ballad of sleepy john - Jack Greene

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The Ballad Of Sleepy John lyrics

The Ballad Of Sleepy John lyrics

Any day now the sky could fall
And Im not one to complain
But this dont feel like no paradise at all
Down on the corner in the rain

Old Kentucky, hes a friend of mine
He got them Fayette County blues
Aint no woman ever keep the man in line
And there aint no woman he can refuse

Well I stumbled in with my guitar
And bought a drink behind the bar
Sat in with the band until 2:00
Then I said:

too much whiskey make me tumble home
too much Jesus make me pray
too much love and Lord I feel so all alone
but thats all right mama, thats OK

Cause Sweet Serrita, shes behind the bar
Shes got the towel in her hand
Lord release her, shes only 24
And shes doing the best that she can

Well I dont know, but I been told
That freedom is an open road
But I guess it all depends on how you drive
While youre alive

Now people tell me Im the Lucky One
But that dont matter much to me
Cause I aint nothing but my fathers son
And thats all Im ever gonna be

Listen and fill in the blanks

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