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by the side of the road dressed to kill - Jack Greene

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By The Side Of The Road, Dressed To Kill lyrics

By The Side Of The Road, Dressed To Kill lyrics

You just cant trust them pretty girls
Theyre only here to wreck your world
And make sure you never get to sleep at night

I dont know the reasons why
They all wanna hang you out to dry
Till you aint got strength enough left to fight

Oh but Im in trouble
Like I know youre bound to get in trouble too
And I know that it wont be long
Before the man you love is loving someone new

I walked up to the river bridge and
Stood myself up on the ledge and
Screamed out to everyone: let me be

I got me a worried mind
Gonna find me a worried kind
Of girl, whos lonesome just like me

And I know Im just one of your poor boys
That you swore youd never leave behind
And I can see right through you
And I know that youre not my kind

Now all my moneys gone
To someplace that it dont belong
Im singing the broken-down-poorboy blues

I aint got nothing to my name
But nothing is my favorite game to play
Cause theres never anything to lose

Listen and fill in the blanks

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